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Does anyone know whether Floradix interferes with Levothyroxine?

I have recently been diagnosed - after blood tests to determine the cause of my hair loss. The GP won't refer me on to anyone about my hairloss until I've taken 3 months worth of Levothyroxine and been re-tested. She suggested my ferritin levels may be low and suggested Floradix but was very vague about whether it interfered with the Levothyroxine or not. I've read that the doses should be well spread apart so was going to continue with the Levothyroxine in the morning and take Floradix before my evening meal. Does anyone have any experience? Also does anyone know of a list of things that do/don't interfere with Levothyroxine. And apologies for the length of the question.

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As long as you do what you've said, which is to make sure you take the thyroxine and Floradix with an absolute minimum of fours between, then you should be ok. I'm at a loss though to understand why your GP only 'suggested' your ferritin may be low, rather than actually testing to find out? And if the test result came back low, then surely it warrants a prescription, rather than 'suggesting' an expensive OTC remedy such as Floradix.

With regard to the hair loss, I think the GP makes a good point. Low thyroid levels do cause hair loss. This can continue for quite some time even after reaching a suitable and stable dose of thyroid medication. If the hair loss is due to thyroid levels being out of whack, then it may well sort itself out in time.


That's really helpful, thank you. I'm afraid my GP is not hugely helpful. When I was diagnosed, she gave me a 2 page print-out (from 2008) and told me that would explain all I needed to know. Thank goodness for google and finding this forum.

Am having my blood tested again in Dec (approx 3 months after diagnosis) to check levels - she has ticked the Ferritin box on the form. In the meantime, have decided to take 1 dose of Floradix in the evening before my evening meal.

Thanks again.


A two page printout? Wow, believe it or not, that's actually more than the majority of people get. But yes, thank goodness for the internet :)

As your GP has ticked the ferritin box for your next test, maybe it's not such a good idea to take the floradix yet? If your ferritin levels come back as ok, you won't know whether your level would have been low without the floradix. Bit of a dilemma I know, but it doesn't seem right for you to be purchasing expensive supplements when you might be entitled to get it on prescription.


One of the most comprehensive drug/medicine/food interaction sites I have found is:

It is US-based so some of the names are US brands, etc. but I have yet to find anything as useful in the UK (and free to access).

Because thyroid hormones are so widespread in their action, there are many, many interactions - some recognised, others only anecdotal. The ones that jump to mind are calcium, magnesium, aluminium, iron - all of which interfere with absorption. And there are many substances that interfere with the binding of thyroid hormones.

Take my assurance, that is not a long question.

All the best




Thank you for that - that website is very helpful and a really useful database


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