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Liothyronine batch no 81526

I've been feeling much worse again lately and felt that my T3 wasn't working as it had been - lots of hypoT symptoms returning. So, I searched for this batch no. (81526 ) and found two messages on here wondering the same thing. As these posts were 3/4 months old, I thought I'd start a new post too, to see if there are any more people out there affected?

I definitely think this is a faulty batch - low strength? - because in my last prescription I had two different batches and the other batch (81745) seems OK; I'm definitely going to write a yellow card for it.

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Hi Tracer, I replied to you yesterday on my previous post, hope you can find it? Bev.


Hi tracer

I am on this batch 20mcg daily, I feel OK


Thanks Bev - I've replied on the other message ..!

Thanks Afaghieh; I'm glad you feel OK on them; I still feel rotten today and am back to being shaky, heart pounding, breathless and sweating, high BP at times etc. all signs and symptoms, for me, of undermedication (and acknowledged as such, by my GP). Hope you continue to be OK.


I've got the same symptoms, but feel I'm Hyper. I've lost 2lbs in one day! Can't sleep. High BP (mine was low when HYPO), hot, high pulse. For me, these are signs of being HYPER. What did you do?


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