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Blood results are back and antibody level has increased

Hi guys.!my latest bloods as follows

Serum TSH 2.14 (0.35-5.00)

Serum Free T4 13.8 (9.00-22.00)

TPO antibodies 707.7 (0.00-5.60)

So my question is where do I go from here. In feb my antibody level was 626 (same ranges as above) and Endo diagnosed Hashi's, increased my Levo and told me to start taking selenium. I have done all of this and started a gluten free diet. I feel worse than when I saw the Endo, hence the GP agreeing to bloods. I have not yet discussed these results with the GP as I would like help from all you guys and girls to make sure I am heading in the right direction. Any advice appreciated!!

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You look under medicated to me. An increase would bring your TSH down and help raise your FT4. Most people feel better with TSH just above or just below 1 and FT4 is ideally in the top 75% of range.

Ask for your ferritin, vitaminD, B12 and folate to be tested. We need them hgh in range but they're often low or deficient in hypothyroid patients and can cause similar symptoms to hypo symptoms.


Definitely agree with Clutter. I've had Hashi for 4 years and find the way to stay well is vitamin d, selenium, gluten free and sufficient levothyroxine to keep my TSH at about 0.3. Hope you have a good appointment with your GP.


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