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Finally had some blood tests back - anyone else similar with high t4 but really low tsh ?? Vit d low as well as white blood cells

Finally I have some answers !! My apologies for taking my time but the appointment was only today: my vit d levels were low and I also noticed that my white blood cells were under ! My thyroid results have changed again so I hope someone may be able to advise me. My last thyroid test at Christmas 2013 was

TSH = 4.12 - Range Test 0.3 to 5.5

Serum Free T4 = 15.3 Range test 12 to 22

Serum Free Triiodothyronine = 4.3 Range Test 3.1 to 6.8

Now my test reads

Thyroid function =

Serum tsh 0.24 (0.3-5.5)

Serum free t4 22.2 (12.0-22)

Serum free triiodothyronine 4.9

Total white blood count 4.17 (4.5 - 11)

Neutrophil count 2.44 (2.5-7.5)

Lymphocyte count 1.23 (1.5-3.5)

Serum vit d 22nmol/l (50.0-144.0)

We (doc and I ) are keeping me on my 175 Levo a day ( I have been on 200,125,250 blah blah blah in all manner on ways over the last 15 years !)but 175 for about the last 3 years. Been prescribed vit d tablets today and another blood test in 2 months time ....,,,still waiting for some more tests to come back but these are the results so far. I am happy to have my tsh at 0.2 as that was my aim :/)

anymore advice / info based on these results? All welcome

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The thyroid results look good. FT3 could be higher but it looks as if its climbing. I'm glad your GP didn't panic and reduce your Levo because FT4 is a tad over range.

How much vitD were you prescribed?

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Don't worry too much about the white blood cell results - some people naturally run a little lower than the norm. It can also be due to simply having an autoimmune condition or a vitamin deficiency.


You mention ..."high T4 but really low TSH" though this was surprising? In fact a low TSH with high T4 is to be expected, so if you are feeling well it looks as though you are on the right track. If you're not feeling better, it is probably due to your very low vitamin D levels. Glad to hear you've been prescribed supplements for this but do check what dose you're on and make sure that it is high enough.

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On the above website there is a chart showing what your dose should be according to your VitD results. You need to divide your result by 2.5 so it is in ng/ml which makes you VERY low. The chart is in ng/ml and 60 is the suggested level. So you would eventually need 6000 IU's daily to reach optimal levels. Sunbathing without protection for 30 mins in the midday sun daily would also help ! Start low and slow with a good supplement :-)

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Thank you all for your help, especially Marz - that helps a lot.

The doctor has put me on 800IU at the moment but I did wonder if I should be on more. Il see how I get on and will go and have a good read of the website

I was only a little confused by the result of a over range T4 because normally I would of expected it to be around the 20 ish mark, but like you say, I shall keep stum and go with it :-) My doctor (new) has actually been very good and I know I am one of the lucky ones. However I would say to anyone that all its needs is to go in armed with your medical research and advice and talk to the doctor. If they are unwilling to help you then you should take it further. Luckily I am not on of those who has a crap doctor ! My new doctor actually said to me that she was happy for people to take the lead as in her experience the thyroid is a pretty vague field ! x


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