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Low DHEA but normal cortisol - does this still point towards adrenal fatigue? Should I not take thyroid medication at this point?

Sorry I posted this yesterday, but didn't I still don't know where I stand with the adrenal fatigue. I had my adrenal stress test results back yesterday - had my first lot done in Jan.

Jans results:

Latest results:

I also did a private test, to check my thyroid which showed low T3 and normal T4. I've just this morning done the Thyroid Profile Advanced home blood test from Blue Horizon, so hoping those results will come back Monday.

I'm confused about the DHEA still being low, but the cortisol improving. Why would this be? Is low DHEA related to hypothyroidism, and which causes which? Does the thyroid cause the low DHEA, or does the low DHEA cause the underactive thyroid?! I can't seem to find a definitive answer, as everything I read seems to vary - and it depends how you interpret it/read it.

If I get my DHEA levels back up again, will the thyroid improve, or do I have to treat the thyroid to get the DHEA levels back up? Or both? Would it be a mistake to treat the thyroid at this point? I have an appointment with an endo on Tuesday, and I don't want to be given thyroid medication if it's the wrong thing to do. :-/

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I'm sorry you didn't get a response. I suspect someone who knows the answers to your questions wasn't around when you posted and your post got missed.

Although I don't know the answer, I hope that responding will bring your post into the "latest activity" and someone with knowledge of DHEA will see it and be able to respond.

Carolyn x


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