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What should I order to get rid of Adrenal Fatigue?

Hi everybody,

I Hashimoto and kept on increasing my NDT from time to time (on it for about 2 years), but had to go down to 1/4 grain again. Now my body does not even tolerate that dosage anymore, even though I need it. When I am taking NDT then I am very tired and exhausted. I guess it has to do with my cortisol levels, they are too low for years already (Vitamin B12 is fine again after having taken Methylcobalamin for a while, still have to take Vit. D3 though).

My edema are still getting worse all over the body incl. puffy face, in the last years until now I went from clothes size "XS-S" up to size XL and it does not stop! I am so desperate! I read in Janie's book "Stop the Thyroid Madness" that taking NDT does not work when you have weak Adrenals. I can't find no doctor to prescribe me s.th. for my cortisol deficiency. I found out that there are supplements like "Adrenal Cortex" and also similar products by other companies.

Which one works best for you guys out there? Please give me advice, I don't know what and from which company to order.

Regards, Suzanne

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Have you been on the same NDT all that time? If so, maybe try a change of make on a trial basis might work. It does sound as if you're not on an optimum yet and maybe T3 alone might suit you. I tried 4 NDTs before I found the perfect one for me but I now take T3 alone and am fine on that too.

Dr Lowe always gave his thyroid resistant patients T3 but they also followed his protocol and had to have high doses.

The fact that your weight is increasing is also a pointer.

Dr P always says to fix your adrenals before taking thyroid hormones but Dr Skinner had the opposite view and said the adrenals fix themselves when you are on the proper medication for you. Dr P tells patients to stop their medication for about 8 to 10 days when taking adrenals ones before introducing them again.

You would have been hopeful on beginning NDT so you must now be extremely disappointed. We have to persevere, unfortunately.

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Yes, it is very disappointing. And yes, I am on the same NDT all of the time. I had to go down with the dosage because of feeling even more exhausted then. Now even 1/4 grain is too much and after having taken it for 2 days, I am so exhausted that I have problems to leave my bed at all! :-( I am pretty sure it's the low cortisol. Now I'm trying to find a doc who is willing to prescribe me s.th. for my weak adrenals, like e.g. hydrocortison.


Loads of vitamin c , liquorice tincture (baldwins.co.uk) are a gentle way to treat adrenals

siberian ginseng has been suggested for the tiredness but i have not heard whether its effective


Be careful about using supplements without a professional's guidance, I tried liquorice tea and it made me feel quite ill. I respect we are all individuals but my specialist has placed me on magnesium, a high strength multi vitimin, whey powder to increase protein, small dose of kelp, Betaine for stomach acid, Epsom salt baths, gingko biloba and natural Phyto B drops for hormone enhancement. The aim being to improve the immune/digestive/nervous systems. It is early days and I will report my findings at a later stage. Just wanted to say if you have a professional behind you they will tweak the situation as and when.


I think you will find liquorice tea is much stronger than using liquorice tincture

I sure would not use whey powder though as they normally use aluminium in some form to keep it free running and not stick together as a lump

magnesium and vit c are obviously very good


Dr P told me to take high dose vit C, Co-Q10 (30mg) and Nutri Adrenal (start slowly; I started on 1 a day and gradually increased to 4 a day).

It takes months to work but I have managed to increase from 1/4 grain of Armour on alternate days to now taking 1 grain a day.


Mouse, so Nutri Adrenal makes you feel less exhausted?


No, the Nutri Adrenal supports the adrenal system which means that more NDT can be tolerated.


I'm no expert, but Ashwaganda and Maca and Borage are supposed to nourish, rather than stimulate, the adrenals. Liquorice also helps, but I think it's not advised for those with high blood pressure.

I recently began taking a 1/2 teaspoon Ashwaganda powder and 1/2 teaspoon Maca powder, dissolved together, in a bit of warm milk. You can get them from Neals Yard Remedies and most health food stores.

Borage tincture can be taken in water. Daily Vit B Complex will also benefit adrenals.

And cut out refined sugars and stress too, if possible.


After trying various things - Nutriadrenal, Siberian Ginseng - I find licquorice was the answer. Good luck. x



Please take a look at the website of Dr Sarah Myhill. She is a wonderful doctor and her website is excellent that will give you a huge amount of information. I was a patient of the late Dr Skinner and I now self medicate my thyroid drugs based on what I learnt from him and keep a check of my clinical symptoms and hear beat blood pressure body temp etc. I also follow Dr Myhills recommendations and I don't get everything right but I have improved my health heeps by following this ladies website.

Please have a look and I'm sure you will find solutions.



Thanks for the info, Tracey. I will check Dr. Myhill's website. Regards


HI. I can't advise sorry as don't have a lot of experience but I can tell you what is working for my adrenals.

I had severe adrenal fatigue 2 years ago and am much improved now. I read Dr Wilsons book on adrenal fatigue and it was very helpful. I started off just taking 3 g of vitamin C a day and drinking salted water (sea salt). I tried siberian ginseng and it had a calming effect at first but after the first day made me feel extremely anxious so I didn't take any more.

I then saw a nutritionist who recommended nutri adrenal. She suggested starting with one tablet and increase slowly. I tried to increase dose but couldn't tolerate more than 2. I took these for about 8 months and then saw Dr p. He advised me to try adrenal cortex. I tried nutri meds adrenal cortex but was quite expensive. I am now taking adrenergize which is porcine adrenal cortex. I take 3 a day along with 2 nutri adrenal. I have definitely improved and Dr p was pleased with the improvement of my adrenals two months ago so they are obviously working. Hope you get sorted soon.


Thanks for the info, Fiona. Good to hear the adrenal supplement is working for you. I thought about ordering Adrenal Cortex, but I now got a doc appointment at the end of the month, this doc seems to know a bit more about adrenal fatigue than other docs, and I know from another patient that she is prescribing hydrocortisone. So maybe I should wait until I see her.


You are very fortunate seeing a doctor who will prescribe hydrocortisone, My doctor just looked at me with amusement when i said I had adrenal fatigue and that was the end of that as was too ill to fight. Hope it goes well for you at your appointment:-)


Thank you, Fiona! Well, I am running around with adrenal fatigue for years now. And then in 2009 an endocrinologist checked the adrenal hormones. The lab results showed that I am much too low in cortisol and dhea-s, but the endo didn't wanna prescribe me anything. Since then I am trying to find a doc who does so, without success. And my health declined. So I can only hope that this time I have more luck and the new doc will prescribe me s.th. too.

I will keep you posted.


I just visited this website recommended by a member:


Dr. Myhill recommends 5-10 mg of hydrocortisone daily in patients with diagnosed adrenal fatigue, as it seems this will not suppress the adrenal glands.

Has anyone tried this method, and found it to be working?


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