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blood test result help?

i have been diagnosed for about 1 year with hypothroidism . gone from 25 to 50 to 75 and now 100 of levotyroxine but still feeling a bit .... meh !

after reading on this forum i went back to gp and asked to be referred to endo - refused as apparently my condition is ' under control'.

i did manage to get her to order some new blood tests which came back as below . i have picked ouit the ones that i think are relevant - there are ;loads that i dont recognise though . so:

Serum TSH 1.5 miu/L (0.3-5.0)

Vit B12 311ng/L (220.0-700.0)

folate 6.2ug/L(2.6-17.3)

ferritin 79ug/L (10.0-420.0)

i take vit D already as well

does this look about right?

Thanks in advance for any advice /help -

this is such a supportive and useful forum


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No they are not right

TSH should be below 1

Free T4 and Free t3 if you have them should be in UPPER Quadrant of their ranges

Ferritin is way way below midway of the range which is vital in order for the body to convert the T4 in levothyroxine into the T3 your cells are screaming for .............most basic physiology info

Folate is similarily low

I suspect your cholesterol is high

your magnesium is low and all manner of vitamins and minerals seriously depleted


This is a link re vitamins/minerals.

You should supplement with Vitamin B12, methylcobalamin as yours is too low. As reallyfedup says, your other levels are far too low and TSH could be lower. I hope some can give advice on how to raise ferritin/folate.


thanks so much for your replies - would i need to up the Levo to bring the TSH to below 1?

what do i need to take to up ferritin /folate ? is that just iron tabs? any particular dosage?

what sort of dose for Vitamin B12, methylcobalamin woluld you suggest ?

sorry for all questions - gp useless and basically thinks i am a time waster even though i am 50 yrs old and this is the first time i have been to drs for anything apart from issues to do with childbirth!!

thanks so much for taking the time to reply



sorry one more thing - I am not sure what the T3/4 results are - is there another word for these?

colestrol levels are pretty good - around 2.2 last time measured


Good morning Ipeh

Just to say that if you reply to someone's comment you have to press the yellow Reply to this and the member is notified you may require a response. Otherwise we don't know.

Your cholesterol is good.

Usually, I suppose to save money, they only do the TSH and if it is out of range the labs may do T4. Very few do T3. If you can afford a private blood test it may be worth while getting your T3 done. Blue Horizon do a pin prick test:-

Also, if you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online by Dr Toft and send a copy to your GP, before your appointment, to discuss with him a trial of some T3 to your T4 (liothyronine and levothyroxine). Dr Toft recommends a low or suppressed TSH if patient still unwell.

There is a good video on the Posts this morning, nearly an hour long but it is informative.

Before supplementing with B12 read No.3 of the following link as maybe Folic Acid supplement may rectify your low B12.


Thank you so much - sorry about being a numpty with the site .. Will have a look through the resources referred to - feels like a full time job getting on top of this condition!


It does take over your life somewhat. It comes as a shock to know that we are able to get better but are kept underdosed many times (due to the guidelines) which can lead to more other serious illnesses. At least, even if friends/familes are fed up hearing about the thyroid gland, no-one minds here.


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