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latest results, do they look ''fine' to those of you with more knowledge/experience?

my endo has signed me off, says I can see the doctor from now on for 3 monthly reviews, says I am not hypothyroid, my levels are "fine"but keeping me on 25mg of levothyroxine a day because of the TED, she cannot explain the lethargy/exhaustion but says it's nothing to do with my thyroid, and thinks maybe its the immunosuppressants?

TSH 1.93 mU/L 0.35 - 3.5

FT4 14 pmol/L 8 - 21

FT3 5.4 pmol/L 3.8 - 6.0

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That sounds very odd to me. TED is usually associated with hyperthyroidism, but you have the symptoms and blood test results of someone with hypothyroidism (slightly undermedicated). Do you have a thyroid?

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Hi Eeng, thanks for your reply, yesI have a thyroid. I had TED before anything else thyroid related (though imho I think I've been hyper for years until about 3 years ago then it changed to hypo) docs been testing thyroid for last 3 years and always said my levels were fine, then last April I had positive anti-bodies, doctor did nothing, 3 months later I get TED; I am, according to my endo euthyroid but she put me on 25mg levothyroxine 4 months ago "becasue of your eyes" and said last week to continue this, yet .... 3 weeks ago my doctor said I was still under medicated and today saw my consultant for TED and he said to double the levothyroxine!


oh and TED consultant said today my eyeball protrusion is now officially stable at 2mm, can now wean off the imunosuppressents :)


Hello Catalonia!

A little off piste I know, but why the name Catalonia?

Are you Catalana tambe`? ;0)

I am not versed enough to be able to answer your question, however, since going gluten/wheat free, my exhaustion levels seem to have improved. I have also experienced other improvements - back pain issues have gone!

My own personal profile is Hashimoto's with Adrenal fatigue and possibly Pituitary issues that are currently being investigated. I also have very low Vit D, for which I am taking VitD3 by Lamberts - 4,000iu's per day. My iron levels also tested very low at 11, so I am now on Ferrous Fumerate (2 tablets a day..and 3 if my body can cope with it).

Somebody who is very knowledgeable is 'Clutter', you could always try and ask her!

Good luck with your findings.

Fins aviat!



Hi poppy, its just because I spent some time in Spain and loved the Catalan area and people etc


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