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Could some one advise me before seeing my Endo tomorrow afternoon Thursday 29th May.

My last 3 blood tests 6 weeks apart

30/1 T3 4.00 3.10- 6.80 pmol/L T4 22.5 12.00-22.00 pmol/L TSH 0.17 0.27-4.20 pmol/L

31/3 T3 4.00 T4 14.00 TSH 0.020

19/5 T3 4.6 T4 16.8 TSH 0.020

30/1 Taking 125mg/100mg Thyroine alternate Days

31/3 Taking 100mg/75mg Thyroxine alternate Days + 10mg T3

19/5 Taking 100mg thyroxine every Day =10mg T3

Have had an under active thyroid for over 20 years and have had problems with my breathing ever since starting thyroxine.The NHS Endo always stated it couldn't possibly be the thyroxine.I have had lots of other tests the latest being an angiogram which proves that its not caused by my heart.I am now seeing a private Endo who has started me on 10mg T3 I am hoping he will increase my T3 and stop my thyroxine all together.Do you think a Armour natural thyroid would be better. Also I never sleep beyond 5 o'clock in the morning and I am very tired by lunch time.

Hope someone can help.

Regards Valerie

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Yes I think you are right, your T3 level has improved a bit but not much. You need more T3. The TSH and T4 levels are pretty irrelevant.


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