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Blood test results - GP says "all normal" but some are almost at top/bottom of reference range. Concerned I may have possible thyroid issue

Went to GP as lethargic, lacking energy/drive, often in bad moods.

For reference I'm 26 years old, male, and consider myself fairly fit and healthy.

Any guidance on how these numbers look/anything that looks high/low and could be cause for concern would be great!



Results of Thyroid Function Test:

Serum TSH level = 3.25miu/L (0.27-4.2)

Haemoglobin concentration = 15.8 g/dl (13-18.5)

Total white blood cont = 5.8 10^9L (3.9-11)

Platelet Count - observation = 207 10^9L (150-450)

Haematocrit = 0.454 (0.4-0.54)

Red blood cell count = 5.21 10^12L (4.5-6.5)

Mean cell volume = 87.1 fL (76-98)

Mean cell haemoglobin level = 30.3[g (27-32)

Red blood cell distribution width = 12.2% (11.8-15.5)

Neutrophil count = 3.14 10^9L (2-7.5)

Lymphocyte count = 2.11 10^9L (1-4)

Monocyte count - observation = 0.44 10^9L (0.2-08)

Eosinophil count - observation = 0.08 10^9L (0-0.04)

Basophil count = 0.01 10^9L = 0.01 10^9L (0-0.1)

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My TSH was 3.3 when first tested at Christmas and I felt absolutely terrible, so yes, I think you have a thyroid issue. Getting the GP to see that may be a challenge though.


They've only tested your TSH levels with regards to your thyroid, you really want your Free T4 and Free T3 as well. Some GP's will only test TSH but this doesn't give you an accurate full picture. As HarryE said, My hunch is your TSH is on the high side of the range and possibly do have thyroid issues but really need the Free T3 and Free T4 levels measured as well. If they test for thyroid antibodies as well all the better.

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Agree, the other tests need running for a full picture, but you may need to get them done yourself. I'm not good on the other blood results, but someone will be along who is. Did you have anything else tested? Iron, b12, vit d?

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Thanks for the replies!

What does a higher TSH actually indicate? Hypothyroidism?

How would I go about getting the other thyroid related tests done? Was thinking of going private and getting a full suite of tests done including testosterone etc as it seems trying to get anything on NHS is a long road to nowhere!


Yes, high TSH indicates that you don't have enough thyroid hormone so your pituitary is asking for more. If you go to the main ThyroidUK website, there are links to the private testing labs Genova and Blue Horizon. You will also find a useful chart showing how to interpret thyroid tests. In the US and most of Europe a TSH of 3+ would already be considered overtly hypothyroid.



Here is the link for private testing.... You deal direct with the lab and Can send blood samples by courier....

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Thanks! I couldn't get the links to copy!


Well in that case, go to the thyroiduk.org website, and click on testing in the panel on the left on the home page. X


Get your vitamin d checked x


This is all great information, thank you. Has anyone had any luck asking for the further thyroid tests on the NHS?

Once I have a further thyroid results (T4, T3 etc) and assuming they indicate "hypo" what would be the next step in actually getting something done about it? I'm struggling to work out if this will be enough to get treatment on the NHS or if I'll need to go to a private doctor so any experiences any of you had with this would be most useful!

Thank you.


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