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Heres my latest blood test - got GP appointment in the morning with the same guy who suggested counselling for my symptoms :(

TSH ...............0.25 (0.35 - 4.7)

T4 .................14 (7.8 - 21)

Vit B12..........860 (180 - 1130) thanks to supplements self administered

Ferritin ...........105 (15 - 300)

Folate ............ 12.4

The TSH was flagged up and I fear there will be a suggestion to reduce my levo when my continuing symptoms (chronic fatigue, hair loss, overweight, coldness, pains in feet and more) are most likely low T3 which the lab has again ignored. Any suggestions of how I should tackle this would be very welcome.

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Free T4 needs to be higher nearer 19

without Free T3 we cannot know if your converting t4 into T3 your cells need

Low TSH can also be result of central hypothyroid/2ndary hypothyroid have they tested you for that ?

Ferritin would benefit from being over 150 and is a vital part of the t4 to t3 conversion


Refuse to accept a med reduction if it is suggested on the grounds that your symptoms are unresolved and you don't want your FT4 to drop as it will make conversion to FT3, the active hormone, more difficult. in fact, you might ask your GP if he would prescribe T3 in combination with T4 to see whether it will resolve your symptoms as T4 monotherapy clearly isn't.

Although your TSH is slightly below range I believe it needs to be <0.1 to be considered suppressed and most labs will ignore requests to test FT3 unless TSH is suppressed.

Do you know your vitD status? Most in UK will have low levels at this time of year but roidies need vitD high in range to feel well and to address muscle weakness and joint pain. If your GP won;t test you'll almost certainly benefit from self supplementing.

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Thanks Clutter - when I had a private test done in March my FT 3 was middle of the range. Vit D was low so have been supplementing but have no idea how much to take.


This is a previous link re Vitamin D. It must be D3:-


How low is the question? My sister's is 45 and she was prescribed 20,000 twice a week. I got mine to 116 and stopped supplementing in Jan. Joint pain resumed after a few weeks so I started supplementing 5,000iu daily in March and continue still.


You could be one of the people who needs their T4 at top of the range to feel good. And, you could have no T3 from not converting, so maybe bring those things up and remind your GP that high TSH (you said it was flagged up, so I assume that means it was high) usually signals you need more hormone if your symptoms correlate, and they do. Good luck.


Hi - thanks for TSH was low. 0.25 where range begins at 0.35


Why is it that as Vit D3 is SO essential for good health, we are not given more information when told we are 'low'. I was told by the receptionist that 'you need to go to the chemist, buy some Vit D, take two tablets per day and come back to be retested in 3 months' When asked what strength I needed she said 'It doesn't say - ask the chemist'. Given that too much Vit D can cause problems, wouldn't you think there should be better guidelines as to how much you should be taking? My levels went from 39 to 117 last year but are now back to 88. I have not been told to take any maintenance dose (maybe during the winter months) and was only tested again when I asked for it during a recent blood test. So it looks like we have to wait until we start feeling ill again before anything is done about it.


You should ask to see your results which will tell you your exact vitD status. Taking 2 capsules of the recommended 800iu will not increase low stores but may stop it falling further. Supplementing 8,000iu a day is unlikely to result in toxicity. After my loading dose of 40,000iu daily x 7 I was prescribed 2,000iu daily for 8 weeks and retested at 116. After I stopped supplementing joint pain resumed so I resumed supplementing 5,000iu daily.


Sorry, missed that TSH reading below range. You need to get T3 tested and insist your symptoms are hypo. Bring a list if you have to. You should also insist on testing D3.


lol I'm sorry too - replied before I saw this post of yours :) Thankyou!!


Hi I suggest you would benefit from a Diabetes test, blood. Autoimmune, hormonal, similar symptoms.

Regarding the thyroid. The most import test is free T3, often you have to pay for it now. When I first started treatment, years ago, FT3 was always done, at that time it was that test, below range, that showed I needed treatment.

Best wishes,



Hi jezebel

Print this off and thrust it in his sweaty palms! :-D

TSH Levels Fluctuate and often do not Reflect Thyroid Levels

My TSH is always low but fortunately my GP ignores it. Good luck.

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Thanks Sazzy :)

For the first time ever I have been given the chance to see a consultant...its only taken 9 years!

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Hi ,

Again I keep banging on about the NHS and their tests. The NHS will only look at the TSH, if that is compromised then they will drop the dose. All your other readings are well in side the references especially your T4 but these are worthless if your T3 is low. and they will not measure this on the NHS.....

You also need your oestrogen and your DHea levels as these affect your thyroxin as they carry it around you body.

I hate to say this the next line of treatment will be anti depressants.

Good luck

John C


Hi John - you're not wrong - he had already suggested counselling lol

A private test in March showed my FT3 was not low but not as high as it should be. However 'in range' is all they will go by.


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