Most cost effective source for Armour prescription?

Hi, all you lovelies,

finally found a lovely endo and have been prescribed Armour on private prescription. I am already taking one type of NDT that isn't Armour, but the best I ever felt was when I was actually taking Armour, yonks ago. But - it is £1 a tablet on private prescription through ordinary pharmacies. Could anyone advise me - PLEASE (sound of desperation) - if I can order it abroad where it is the most cost-effective?

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  • Thanks to the help I got here, my Armour arrived last week (from abroad) however there was a handling charge plus VAT from Royal Mail which bumped up the cost so it's not very cost-effective.

  • Hmm. Thanks for your reply. I saw something about that some time ago - someone posted something on the site about how to reduce these costs - I wonder how to find the post about import and handling charges...

  • Pharmarama in essex. You can do it online and they courier to you. Last i used them - over a year ago, it was £35 for 100 tabs incl courier

  • P.S. Thanks! :)

  • Do pharmarama require a prescription? I'm in Essex and that would be handy.


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