I think my adrenals are wrecked. What should I do?

I have changed from T3 to NDT over the last few months. I'm solely on NDT now and I'm slowly getting my thyroxined fuzzy headed, clumsy, bloated self back. I feel like I want to buy some adrenal support supplements now - literally go down to H&B and ask for whatever they stock, but would that affect any tests? I'm frightened of being ill again. I thought NDT would be the best thing to take, but I felt much better on T3. I don't want to give up without trying to make it work though. My doctor offers no support on this stuff - he just thinks I am being difficult (even though he watched me balloon by 6 stone in 8 years.) I haven't explored adrenals before. What should I do? And do you think it's okay for me to go to H&B looking for adrenal/cortisol support tablets or even DHEA this morning? Thanks

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  • My private doc put me on Adrenal support - Nutri Adrenal - you can get it from Amazon - it is a glandular - I take one per day - more and I get palps, but everyone is different. Ideally you need to do a saliva test (but then you also need someone who can interpret it) - Also have a look at Doc Peatfields book - there is a chapter on adrenals and a list of signs and symptoms which are also very close to hypo symptoms - like you I am piling weight on XX

  • Amazon sell better products than H & B. And describe them better. H & B will charge you twice as much for half the potency. And lord knows what fillers are in their stuff.

  • Adrenal problems are not something I know much about, but I did find this article helpful and comprehensive :


    It goes on for 5 pages though, and you may find links to some more easily digested bite-sized bits of info on the index page :


  • Hello GentleOrange,

    I would recommend you do an ASI test, through Genova before you proceed with taking any Glandular s or Hydrocortisone ( you can't get from H&B) Something more gentle - a herbal remedy that could be beneficial is Ashwagandha (available through Amazon) If you wanted some more info about adrenals I would certainly recommend this book (available to hire from the Library) called are you tired and wired? by Marcelle Pick) - really great book in my opinion.

    with the ASI test they also test your DHEA (H&B do not sell that anymore but I know of a great place to get it from)

    If you feel better on T3 then I can Private message you a great place to by it from at a really good price).

    Best wishes

  • Please would you tell me where to get DHEA. I have had the test by Genova and my DHEA is low.

    Thank you

  • Would you mind pm-ing me where you get your T3 from too? Would very much appreciate it! xx

  • Hi Kitten whiskers, could you please PM me the details for T3. I am getting one tablet a day (Plus 50 Levi) from docs but she was horrified by cost of £102 for 28 tablets. I want to increase T3 but expect resistance thanks

  • I know it's tempting to buy DHEA for a quick fix but it'll only be doing a holding job for you. As soon as you stop taking it the adrenal imbalance will still be there. Taking DHEA is doing the job for the adrenals, when they should be making it themselves. It's better in the long run to take the correct nutrition to help your adrenal glands make their own DHEA. A tailored Adrenal support supplement would be a good place to start e.g. Nutri's Adrenal Extra. It has all the nutrients the adrenals need with some adrenal and pituitary glandular added in too. Take a good quality organic cold pressed omega 3 and 6 oil too. Important for hormones! Good luck :-)

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