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Imodium helps absorb thyroxin

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Hi last week I had a tummy upset and had to take Imodium,completely by accident I found: It made the Thyroxin absorb better, and I could cut down on the the dose I was taking. The effect lasted for a few days then I was back to normal.. I get the same sort of effect with calcium but that only lasts for a few days then my thyroxin levels go haywire and I need to take more and more. Has anybody got any ideas why this is.



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Guessing that the Immodium slowed your motility and allowed absorption.

Levothyroxine should be taken 4 hours away from calcium and iron as the molecules bind to them and prevent absorption.

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Did not know that about Ca and Fe. Thank you!

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Don't get carried away and think it is only calcium and iron. A large number of other substances also affect absorption. It sometimes looks as if almost anything can affect absorption - so the only safe advice is to take levothyroxine away from everything else except water.


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Yes, I've been taking all my supplements with breakfast, 1/2 to 1 hr after taking my thyroxine. I'd already concluded that I'd better shift all of them to lunch or dinner time.

Inmodium slows down gut motility but must not be used long term as it prevents waste products being excreted which is another problem in itself! I would keep to your regular dose of thyroxine and leave the Immodium for gut upsets though its good you have realised how important it is to have all systems working properly for best effect.

You may find probiotics may help you.

HI john.. are you able to test your own thyroxine level .. if so how ?? intrested in your comments regarding imodium ... i have used imodium long term for a problem.. i have just stopped using it and now i am having problems with a low thyroxine level with the same ammount of thyroxine .. been to the doctors and now having to take a larger amount of the drug to correct the level and it will be 6 weeks before i can test again ... regards roy t

Hi does anyone know for sure how long after levo, it is safe to take other tablets and how long after should we eat breakfast?

Hello, generally I have gathered from all the Drs I have seen and there are many. That you should take your meds by there self Ie just your Thyroxin, with a good tumbler of water and wait at least any hour before you eat.

I must stress water and not milk as calcium inhibits the absorption of the the med. I did hear from an Endo that if you have to take Calcium you should wait!!!and take this at least four hours after your thyroxin but for me what ever time I take it is affects my Thyroxin and I can take huge amounts of thyroxin with out it having any effect. i.e. if I take calcium its like taking sweets with my Thyroxin, i.e. no fast heart, no sweating , no tremors. In face I feel ill if i do this, the same with Vit D and Benicore margarine But my TSH is not changed and becomes suppressed.

I have found if If I take Nutri adrenal core plus. This does have an effect on my TSH and I can take lots of thyroxin and sill show my TSH as being high. Which is good as the NHS drs like a high TSH i.e. 4.5. I have taken up to 300 MCR of NHS t4 and take this nuri glandular your TSH remains high. I don't recommend this as you feel pretty awful with all the good signs of Hypo. Don't asked me why this I don't know.


JOhn C

Hi there, 30 percent of your T3 is produced in your stomach. I am currently following a diet which rests your stomach and then introduces powerful probiotics ( kefir). I am feeling much better after two weeks on this diet and have lost 5 lbs in weight after 5 years of trying every diet ever created with no success. Interesting uh?!

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