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Help with results

I was diagnosed with being autoimmune thyroid disease started on 125 of levothyroxine saw endo two weeks plus later and I felt so much better than before with more energy I actually felt alive. Well he done bloods that day and my levels were

tsh 0.81 range (0.3-4.2).

Ft4 21 range (10.6 - 23.2)

That was great even had lost 12.5lb however in the past 10 days I have started to feel sluggish, constipated, tired, joint pains, like everything is in slow motion. despite my my weight loss via joining slimming world I'm gaining weight each week 3.5 then 2 and I'm going tonight and dread getting on those scales. This time last year I was 4 stone lighter.

I aim now on 150 but this is making no difference.

Can anyone explained those results and any ideas of how to proceed.

Thank you

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Get your GP to run another blood test. If your TSH shows up as 'normal' Labs may not do T4 and T3. But ask your GP if he will put these on the form. Usually, we need several increases to build up so that we feel normal health again. You are having clinical symptoms so it seems feasible you may need an increase.

Do not take medication on the morning of your blood test, take it afterwards. Have your blood test as early as possible as that's when TSH is highest.

If your GP hasn't already tested B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as we can be deficient and these can cause problems in themselves.


Thank you


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