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Because after my visit to the GP today I'm beginning to think I am. He has now agreed to another blood test (which includes T3 although I know the lab won't do it) which if it comes back in range he will offer me counselling. So my excess weight, anxiety, coldness, lack of energy, burning tongue and mouth, loss of hair, etc etc etc are all imagined. So maybe I am mad..........

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Well if you're mad, there's many of us going mad with you :-)

I'm sorry to hear about the counselling thing, it's because CBT (which I assume it will be) is approved by NICE so therefore the costs are met by the NHS. I don't think they have any idea how offensive and frustrating it can be when they play the counselling or depression card instead of treating our symptoms.

When the lab refused to do the T3 test for me last month, within other tests, I had the practice do a new bloods request simply for T3, and it was tested that time.


Oh thats useful re the T3 test - I'll do that if I have to...thanks!

I've been a counsellor/psychotherapist for 15 years and sometimes see clients who would benefit from a blood test (thyroid or diabetes type 2 most often) and I will suggest it to them. So if they force me into the counselling I will have some fun ;-)


Oooh that's naughty lol! I'm a clinical hypnotherapist and likewise suggest clients see their GP if I think there might be something going on behind the symptoms they are describing. Good luck with the T3.


I did my clinical hypnotherapy diploma too - just to use within my therapy field. So good for relaxation and visualisation. Often allows hyper clients to come down to a level they can begin to process at.


Well Jezebel,

You will be Mad with anger. They just don't have a clue about clinical symptoms of thyroid gland dysfunction. It's time they all had a course and gave priority to symptoms instead of blood tests.

If you can compare your blood tests the GP did with these. As all good GPs should do:-


They were 'in range' last time Shaws so its a constant battle to be heard as far as symptoms are concerned. Thats a wonderful chart - cant wait to take that in with me - thanks :)


GP's have to learn. They don't know it all, particularly if they pay attention to BTA's 'guide' lines. Unfortunately the word 'guide'

doesn't appear to apply here to "a person who leads others to more abstract goals such as knowledge or wisdom". We have to read and learn from members rather than the medical profession and are often prevented from trying alternative meds when levo is doing us a dis-service.

I am glad you like the chart and hope you have some success with your GP.


GP clearly suffering from lazyitis virus that afflicts them, turned into an epidemic I believe!


oooh cinnamon the GP's were all complaining on the comments on their online magazine - Pulse that we say such things about them -or specifically The Daily Mail does :) :)

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Did you see the article in Pulse entitled 'Time to give patients more control over their treatment' written by Dr Martin Brunet?? I'd love some control over mine.......


Yes lazitus !

Cough cold depression if you don't fit those 3 more like.

I haven't the time to read the internet.


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