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is this normal or am i going mad

hi recently new here and i have graves, i had rai in november went hyper then within 3 weeks my free thyroxine levels dropped to being unrecordable so i started levo 100mcg on 28/12/13 what i want to know is it normal to feel like crap i am tired my upper legs and upper arms ache, i am sob upon exertion and have no energy, cant hold a thought in my head and though i do believe these are starting to get better some days i can function fine but some days it is a real struggle

to day i can home from work as i as just so sore (mostly on my feet during the day) and i feel rubbish. does this improve should i be feeling better by now as i have been taking these meds for 3 weeks now. i feel like a real moan and i dont want to be i might be a little hormonal and weepy today seriously does this improve as i was always busy and doing stuff now i could give a hoot and the mess of the house is killing me but i feel powerless to get up and do something.

sorry about the moan i am sure i will be in a better mood tomorrow

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I have just published a blog on how to estimate levothyroxine dose for people after total thyroidectomy. RAI is somewhat different but you might wish to read the blog.

My guess is that your dose is not enough. In order to get a higher dose, you will have to ask your doctor.

And I urge you to get the results and references ranges of all blood tests that you have.



thats very interesting reading by those caculations i should be on 150mcg


You are probably on too low a dose. I. Need the equivalent of 175ug thyroxine.100ug is quite a low dose. Ask for an increase. Feeling emotional is a hypo symptom


thank you for replying i really appreciate it as you feel quite alone in yourself

my ranges were:

free thyroxine <5.0

TSH 24

i have am appointment for 28th for review and blood tests so hopefully

as i had always been hyperthyroid this lowness is just terrible


cheer up stanway,you will feel better soon, don't worry about the housework rest when you can,get some one to help you out with the housework when it just gets to kids don't seem to notice if i;ve done the cleaning or not.


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