Unhelpfull Endrocrinologist & GP - Am I likely to ever recover?

Hello All,

Just come from seeing the most unhelpful Endro (my GP is equally Unhelpful)

I was hoping they were going to test for Low Blood Sugar, Low Stomach Acid, Aldosterone etc but no just the usual TSH, FT3 & FT4. He said that if I have a high heart rate then I need betablockers - I was shocked and said that they are dangerous and aren't they just masking the problem? he just shrugged his shoulders. Then I did mention armour thyroid - he said if you take that you will problery get BSE. I am obviously not going to get help. Can anyone offer so help for me, I am very poorly. Thank you

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  • Hi,

    I wish I had some advice but I am in the same position as you and am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Didn't want to read and run. Here's hoping that the powers that be will stop being ridiculous and give us what we need!

    Donna x

  • Hello Donna,

    Do they really know what to give us - they seem to be in the dark as much as us.

    I hope you get some help to - its a horrible situation to be in xx

  • Some have mentioned the irony of the willingness to give you new prescriptions so they do not have to give you a larger dose of thyroid hormone. I can't believe a Beta Blocker is cheaper than thyroid hormone. It's difficult to fight the lack of logic but I hope your case is not as serious as those who have continued to degrade and eventually lost their jobs or mates or worse. Such shoddy advice about Armour.

  • Hello Heloise,

    It seems that they are not interested in helping, I was not listened to, it was T4 or nothing.

    All I can think of doing is searching around for a doc that will listen. I do not wish to spend the rest of my life like this. I don't get to see my friends now and I struggle at work. I feel so let down by the doctors and I am amazed that they can still get away with this. I have had to stop all forms of Thyroid medication as it gives me hyper systems. It feels like I wont get well and this is what I have to look forward to.

  • Kitten, perhaps your adrenals are at fault here. Usually they will forfeit any thyroid meds if they are too stressed. You can use over the counter supplements for the most part excepting for actual cortizone. It just doesn't seem that the NHS will consider this. I know many people go to Dr. Peat who realizes that treating both the adrenals and thyroid together or adrenals first, is the only way to start healing. Is there any chance you could see him?http://www.drlam.com/articles/adrenalfatiguevshypothyroidism.asp

    You could post a question asking people who are his patients to give opinions.

  • Hello Heloise

    I have been to see Dr Peatfield & I do think very highly of him, I have also read his book. The ASI test was done and confirmed I had Adrenal Fatique, I purchased Hydrocortione but can only take tiny amounts of that now, I did take more when I first had it and it done a lot of good but as time has gone on it has caused problems - same has happend with the Thyroid medication.

    I did see that Nutri Ltd had brought out a couple of herbal products for the adrenals - maybe I should try those. Thank you

  • Hi,

    I think it is time you changed your GP, if that's possible. Don't waste your time and energy, these two people seem to have done you a dis-service (shrugging shoulders - it's difficult to believe they are physicians!). Ask your local pharmacies if any GP prescribes T4/T3. It may be worth trying this initially.

    Many of us get palpitations with thyroid meds, sometimes it's the fillers/binders.

    We have to battle sometimes to recover some sort of good health.

    If you have had a recent thyroid gland blood test, get a copy from the surgery complete with the ranges and post on a new question for someone to reply

    It's awful when medical professionals are not interested in the welfare of their patients.

  • Hello Shaws,

    Is it normal to get Hyper like symptoms as well as palpitations? My pulse goes up and up until I stop the Thyroid medication, at worst it has reached 125bpm, my face and back feels like its burning and I start sweating and all this energy comes from know where, I get sharp pains around the chest area, my heart starts pounding and I struggle for air. I am due to go back to this endro next month when he reviews the blood test. He certainly wasn't interested in how much I was suffering. You do not need to be a doctor to see I am ill. Its such a horrible situation to be in

  • You could be sensitive to fillers/binders and if you go to the date September 6, 2001 and read the answer it may be helpful. If your pulse goes up higher than normal you could very well feel hyper and have unpleasant symptoms.


  • Thank you

  • Been there done that. I self diagnosed coeliac, hypochlorydia, pernicious anaemia and neutropaenia. All proved correct. You have to help yourself by taking control and managing your own health. I know that if i hadnt, i'd have lost my job and home. I self medicate now and have never been better

  • Agree, but for some things you need to be able to do the technical research part too... so I would say it is not for everyone.

  • Brilliant! Well done with such accuracy and success in managing it yourself.

  • Agreed, Thank you

  • Hi Blue, I hope you will have time to watch this series. Very, very informative.


  • Sorry Kitten Whiskers I had the same problems as you with the endo I saw over a year ago now, she was so rude to me and we had a big argument, that I have never seen another one since or seen my doctor since or had my levels taken since. I just self medicate buying my Armour from abroad. Not advisable, but when the NHS are not interested and I am doing very well on it. I feel along with many others like yourself so let down and no one is listening to our plight.

  • Agree... as I said to Bluedaffoldil above!

  • I self medicate as well. I found dealing with the medicos so stressful that that alone was making me feel worse. Now I'm relying on how my body tells me its feeling. It's been nearly a year now. So far so good. I'm due for one of their silly basic blood tests soon. a) I wonder if they'll call me for it and b) I wonder if I'll go ...

  • Always worth a check on the engine oil ,Humph!

  • Well, I wonder if it is, Tegz. It enables my GP to tell me, smugly, that I'm fine. Which sends my blood pressure through the roof. They don't test much. And aren't interested in testing anything else. And I've usually had to remind them about it anyway. I'm beginning to feel rather better than I have for the past 4-5 years. Learning on here about the contribution of exhausted adrenals to one's general smorgasbord of miseries has been a revelation.

  • Hello Humphrey,

    I agree, the blood tests seem pretty meaningless. All the doc does is say "you are in the range" It doesn't seem to matter if you have list as long as your arm of symptoms. We don't need the stress. I am going to keep away to.

  • Hello Vanessa2,

    I am sorry to hear you were in the same boat as me and I am glad you are well now. I have been taking T3 but it has not worked out for me yet, although I have not tried Armour Thyroid - Maybe that should be next on the list. Take care

  • Hi Kitten-Whiskers, we have to do these things, we can't just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen. I just want to feel ok as I am sure you do. Good Luck.

  • vanessa, I think it is very advisable. I think what you have done is very wise but I know that you mean, it would be better to have a doctor to help manage, but certainly not the kind that seem prevalent in the UK. I believe people are keenly aware of the affect of thyroid meds which thereby makes it rather easy to determine dosage for yourself. I do not think it is rocket science as they say and Armour has all necessary ingredients. Of course if there are other factor involved like low iron, but again, if doctors will not test for it, what use are they? I would rather be able to use my own judgment than follow professional dictates that may ruin my health as I've seen here. I hope you will continue to share your story because most are afraid to do what you have done.

  • Thank you Heloise, I do take supplements as well, I also have to manage my bi-polar, as with cut backs the mental health team and my CPN I was under were I live have been withdrawn from me. This has also happened elsewhere and people with mental health problems do need this support. Lots of people are being let down by the NHS, cut backs, Government.

  • "he said if you take that you will problery get BSE"

    I would ask him to put that in writing!

    And quote the source of his research.... don't expect a reply soon ;-)

    Stupidity is one thing, but Endos have INSTITUTIONAL stupidity... with a certificate to prove it! :-(

    I feel I might have met this bloke... his comments sounds so typical and familiar.

    Seriously though, you need to take things more into your own hands, these people are not going to get you well. A new GP, and certainly a new Endo, but there are also things you can test and check yourself - eg low stomach acid.. trials with Betaine Hydrochloride are easy eg. scdlifestyle.com/2012/03/3-... try the Betaine HCL Challenge Test for Low Stomach Acid on that page.... keep some antacids handy in case it doesn't turn out to be low acid. Definitely not rocket science!

    Also, not cheap, but it is possible to find blood glucose meters and test strips to check your own blood glucose levels and how they change before/when/after you eat.

    24 hour salivary cortisol (and even blood tests for aldosterone) are also possible, but of course it is all money!

  • BSE- Best Sidestep Endo? :)

  • Too true tegz

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for this info - very helpful indeed, I have been searching to purchase Aldosterone but it does seem to be prescription only, so I will be changing my GP and have the forms ready to go. Best wishes

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