I am so glad that I am not going mad

I started feeling like a different person around a year ago and started with some of the symptoms of being tired forgetful chest infection after tonsillitis and the same again weight gain a aching muscles. I went to Dr over and over to get antibiotics that did nothing. last Tuesday I had enough and I sat and poured my heat out to my Dr who sent me for blood test for over active thyroid. My husband did some research and I am nearly 100% that this is the reason to why I have been like a nackerd space cadet for the last year. Just hope the blood tests coming soon I get some help. I carnt believe that something like this can completely change a younger fit outgoing person into a recluse. Xxxxxxxx

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  • Sadly, yes it can - but the good news is, you are taking control. Good luck and best wishes

    Jenni x

  • Please post your test results when you get hem :) xx

  • would it not be an under active thyroid rather than over active if you are gaining weight?

  • That's what I thought..

  • Good luck, some people can actually gain weight, being hyperthyroidism, as they tend to eat more, or crave foods. X

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