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Blood test results - vitamins

Hi everyone,

Following my previous question below, lots of you were very helpful and suggested I should have vit. levels tested. Just got results back this morning:

B12 = 322 (range 197-866)

Folates = 8.3 (range 4.6-18.7)

Ferritin = 48 (range 13-150)

Vitamin D = 35.6 (less than 25 = deficient, 25-50 = insufficient, 50+ = sufficient)

GP says all fine, except the vit. D - he suggested I get some standard vit. D tablets from health food shop and this will sort it.

Doesn't seem to explain why I am still feeling so unwell though.

Any thoughts/suggestions...?

Hi everyone,

Since being diagnosed with Hypothyroid approx. 10 yrs ago, my dosage has gradually been increased by various GPs in response to blood test results, however over the years I have gradually felt worse and worse with the condition.

6 weeks ago, my dosage was increased again from 150mg to 175mg, however I have not noticed ANY difference in the way I feel! If anything, I have continued to go downhill during this time. Barely able to get up for work in the mornings due to exhaustion, constant 'brain fog', weight gain, aching joints, breathlessness, dizziness, dry skin and thinning eyebrows to name but a few symptoms. To sum up, I feel like I've been running on empty for a long time...

Had a follow up blood test last week and the latest results came back today as 'normal'.

TSH = 0.32 (range 0.2 - 4.2)

T4 = 13.4 (normal range 12 - 22)

I also persuaded by GP to test for free T3 for the first time, and it came back as 4.3 (normal range 4 - 8.3).

I'm struggling to interpret these results, can anyone shed any light? I want to go back to the GP next week armed with some info and make a case for a specialist Endo referral. So far GP has tried to fob me off with various suggestions - i.e. I am depressed, I need to take more exercise - 'why don't I build up to a 5 mile run?' (at which I actually laughed out loud at how inplausible this is at the moment - feel like I could sooner sprout wings and fly!). All I know is that I don't feel at all well, and currently not able to function like a normal 33 year old.

Help please...?!

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I suspect that you aren't converting FT4 to FT3 efficiently. My GP considered my FT4 14, same range as yours, to be dangerously low. On the other hand my endo wasn't interested that my FT3 was below range.

If you aren't converting it doesn't matter how much you raise your levothyroxine, your FT3 levels won't improve and you'll continue to feel very unwell.

Would your GP consider prescribing 20mcg Liothyronine (T3) and decrease your T4 to 150mcg? This combi treatment made the world of difference to my wellbeing and I went from being 90% bedridden to on the road to recovery, although I have now increased my T3. T3 suppresses TSH and FT4 so your GP shouldn't panic and reduce your meds after follow up blood tests. PM me for an online source if your GP won't co-operate.

Brain is a huge feeder of T3, which is why depression, anxiety and brain fog are experienced when FT3 is low/deficient. They'll be the first to improve with the addition of T3 followed by aching joints and breathlessness in my case and last of all skin and hair.

Finally, your B12 is very low and this can cause adverse symptoms. I raised mine to 700 in 8 weeks by supplementing 2-3,000mcg methylcobalamin daily and continue to supplement 1,000mcg Jarrows' Formula sublingual lozenges daily.

I was vitD deficient <10 and had massive loading doses and maintenance for 2 months until I was replete. I continue to supplement Now Foods VitD3 5,000iu daily as joint pain resumed when I stopped supplementing for 6 weeks.

Getting your B12 and VitD highin range will make a big difference to your well being and aid absorption of thyroid meds but won't necessarily incline you to build up to a 5k run. :)


Thanks, this is really helpful.

I don't think my GP will consider ANY further action, as he has made it clear I am fine in his eyes and the blood tests prove I am doing perfectly well on Levo only. And according to him, the vit levels are also fine, with the exception of the Vit D, which is 'a little out'.

He did reluctantly arrange an NHS Endo appointment for me though (to get me off his back I think!) and this is scheduled for 3rd June.

Hoping to have a bit more luck with the Endo - I previously emailed him enquiring about a private appointment and he did mention he has a few patients on T3 so am crossing my fingers that he may consider trialling me on a T4/T3 combination. Do you manage to get T3 on the NHS?

Others have PM'd me and have the same opinion as you - that while the vit levels are in range, if I have probs converting T4 then I won't feel well unless they're nearer the top of the range. Going to hold off taking any vit supplements until I see the Endo, as don't want to skew any further blood tests he may want to do.

Interestingly, I have had bouts of anxiety on and off. Seems to be worst when feeling ill with the Hypo...have always been convinced there is a link, but when I mentioned this once to another GP she was adamant that anxiety was only linked to the thyroid for those who are Hyper, not Hypo.


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