Forest Armour is it any good?

Hi just looking on-line and I saw Mary Shomon had quite a bit of negative stuff to say about Forest a few years back. Do any of you know if these problems have been sorted? I have a slight concern that my Armour appears to be a tablet (not something more organic), any ideas? Jeannie x

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Armour have always been a difficult company from a consumer/patient perspective. If the product problems had not been resolved (if not to everyone's satisfaction), you would be seeing a lot more when you search.

Have a look here:

Armour is nothing like any meat or meat product except insofar it has an odour. Look at the ingredients, here:

You will see that there are many other than desiccated thyroid - mostly completely standard tablet-making ingredients.


Thanks Rod, so do you know if this is as effective as NDT? If not do you know how/where I can source NDT off the web (PM if neccesary) Thank you Jeannie x

I don't quite get that. Armour is one of several brand names of prescription desiccated thyroid products. Others include Nature-Throid, Westhroid and Erfa.

Some people use the term Natural Desiccated Thyroid for these products. I dislike that term and prefer the simple "prescription desiccated thyroid". I think sometimes NDT is thought to include and/or be confused with at least some of the other non-prescription (over-the-counter) desiccated thyroid products which generally have uncertain thyroid hormone content.


Thanks Rod I think because this is a new journey for me I'm a little skittish and keen to get the right 'stuff' before I start. I think I'm getting myself muddled by the terminology and different names! I've look at the links and they are the same ones I'd already checked out.

Better ask than assume! :-)

My husband has been on Armour for many years now and he would never go back to thyroxine or t3

our daughter and grandaughter take thyroid-s and they wont go back to thyroxine or t3 either

Thanks I think I'm just getting muddled by all the different names!! x

Armour is just one brand of NDT, although I know Rod has suggested better terminology for it. They are all made into tablet form.

Thank you everyone, feel confident in what I'm doing now x

Hope it works for you xx

Hi Forest were at one time, the only makers of Armour. Then they were taken over and various problems. Now it is definitely weaker than it was. However, I still find it is the best treatment for me, just put my dose up a half grain.It is the original thyroid treatment before any cheap synthetic produce.


Forest were only recently bought by Actavis (if the purchase has gone through). The reported problems were well before that but while definitely owned by Forest. Mind, various other companies had previously owned the Armour brand and produced the product over the many decades it has been on the market.


Thanks Rod, I have only since December had a problem with the strength of Armour. My UK pharmacy always purchases them from Forest, USA. My Endo says that she

has only noticed the difference recently too

.I did not know that other companies produced the brand name too.

Best wishes,


No other companies produce the Armour brand.

BUT - over the years different companies have owned the Armour brand. It was originally the Armour meat packing company's brand.

Interesting. Thank you.


Thanks Jackie - I'll see how I get on. The only problem with upping the dose is it will also massively up the cost!! :-( x

Hi It is a lot cheaper than armour. I swallow whole but split into 2 doses, I have half early and the next later morning.


Jackie, can I ask if you chew the pills up, or did you just add half a grain to your previous dose? Thanks!

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