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Just received my 'Forest' Armour - any comments

Hi just to update, I've decided I have to 'go alone' and try Armour. I have just received my first batch from (Inter...Pharma......). I have to have some blood tests done next week, so I will not start them until after I've had the test, so if there is improvemnet it will be easier to prove to my GP. Any advice greatfully received Jeannie x

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Just wanted to say Good Luck jeanniex, and hope all goes well. Keep us updated on your progress ;-)


thanks Hypnoteq, trying not to get my hopes up too high! :-) Will keep progress update once I start may help others x


If i am right in a few months time you will be feeling much better

Do then be very sure to file a yellow card report online about effects of thyroxine


I really hope it works as well for you as ThroidS has for me - on just half a grain and 75mgc levothyroxine I have found myself again and feel so much better, all properly integrated like I was before hypothyroidism struck - aches and pains disappearing brain fog lifting, mental acuity sharpening, heart pains gone and weight and appetite normalising. It is like a miracle - I hope you get your miracle result too you will be so glad you went for NDT. Best of luck I am rooting for you ;-)

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This is the link info about dosing:


Which I am following I hope it helps if you are not aware of it already. I went for the slow gradual substitution route of t4 to NDT


Thank you so much TSH110 - only those who deal with this condition really understand what it does to you (inside and out) Xxx


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