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Armour by Forest and by Actavis?

I have a question for those of you who have tried both Armour by Forest and Armour by Actavis (as I understand it is being called now).

I have read many posts by users claiming that Armour does not work at all as well as it used when it was manufactured by Forest and that, somehow, Actavis has done something to it to make it work less welll...Id' really like to know if there is any truth to this statement. Has anyone tried the "new" Armour by Actavis, and is able to compare it to "old" Armour (made by Forest)?

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thecat, Actavis has taken over Armour but is there any evidence they have reformulated it? I didn't find any when I Googled it a couple of weeks ago.



I was surprised to see how many have been doing very well, or even great, on reformulated Armour (=since 2009 reformulation).

There is enough information out there to suggest something happened to Armour when Actavis took over, but I fail to see why they would reformulate it again, especially since many believe the first reformulation to be problematic...the only reformulation that would make sense in that case would be to go back to the pre-2009 version, but that does not seem to have happened...

I hope Armour users can keep us updated on how you feel. I have several bottles of Armour (unopened) and it says Forest on the label. Does it say Actavis on the current bottles?

I am still trying to decide if I should give Armour another try, or stay with Erfa (the only two brands available in Belgian pharmacies). Erfa has been causing terrible itching, but when I decreased the dosage slightly, the itching all but went away. I would only be willing to give Armour another try if I knew nothing bad happened to it, which is why I would be interested in hearing from Armour users who have the new(?) version from Actavis.


Is there a new version?..... I believe Actavis only took Forest over last Summer ( 2014) if I am right?


I bought Armour but it shows mfg ACTAVIS. Is it right armour which used to be from Forest?


I have just received my latest order of Armour from my usual supplier in USA....same address and packaging as usual.... the Forest bottle is no different either so would assume there has been no change.

I know that Forest has been taken over by Actavis but if you look at their information on their products they are not listing Armour thyroid yet.( that was when I looked recently)

I will not be using this batch yet as I keep my supply one bottle ahead but this new one does not expire until 2017.


The Amour Thyroid website does have a message saying:

Thank you for visiting ArmourThyroid.com. This website is in the process of being updated.


Goodness knows what will change on it - possible nothing more than the company name.

The prescribing information page is already on an Actavis domain:


But the page is still dated 2012.


As far as I know, no information was ever published prior to the reformulation back in 2009, the reason being that producers have no obligation to do that when it comes to changes to inactive ingredients. So it's not very likely that any further changes will be made public either, is it...?


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