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Should I stop taking my iron before a blood test


I have been taking Iron tablets prescribed by my GP for low iron for a couple of months. She now wants to test again and I have booked a blood test for 7th Feb. Do I carry on taking them or do I need to stop them to get a true result? My folate was also low in range and I have been taking a B Complex. Is it best to stop all supplements now? I'd prefer to keep taking them because I have been feeling pretty lousy and I want to get my levels up asap, but then again I don't want to skew the blood test.

The good news is that she has agreed to test Vitamin D. I've never had this tested before so it should be interesting. She also suggested testing for Coeliac, but the blood form says Autoimmune Screen. Anyone had one of those or knows what it covers?


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The coeliac test is for the coeliac antibodies

Stop taking your supplements a day or 2 before tests, i would recommend. That's what i usually do


Thank you bluedaffodil


I think for iron I had seen that it was best to stop a 5 to 7 days before.


Thank you chihiro


I'd read that 5 - 7 days off the iron before testing was a good idea too. I'm sure I read that on the STTM (stop the thyroid madness) website but I can't find it now, sorry!


Thank you humanbean


Hi,i iron/ferritin and vit D all take about 4 months to reach maximum, so no point,in stopping for the test. b12 takes a long time too, not sure how long. You do need them tested after 4 months from starting. also most importantly calcium.

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Thanks Jackie


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