How long between starting ndt and blood test?

I've swapped from 75mg of levo and have now been on ndt for 4 weeks, at 1.5 grains and I feel pretty great. I am not sure I'll go much higher on the ndt... But could always be better right? I would like to look at my vit and minerals level but I want to maximise the thyroid panel from the blood test- when would you lovely people recommend a check? 6 weeks? 2 months? 3months? 6 months? I know we're supposed to rely on our feelings, but I just want to know whether I should have more or whether I can optimise uptake with some vit supplements.

Oh and I also had a copper coil put in 2 weeks ago and am curious about my copper level- that's too early to tell right now though, right? I mean, it's pretty scary if I have too much copper in my body already considering the thing is supposed to last for 10 years...

Thank you for your help as always!

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  • VixVixVix,

    We're supposed to rely on relief of symptoms and blood tests to guide dosing. Wait until you have been on 1.5 grains for 6 weeks before having a blood test which should be done early in the morning and before eating and drinking anything other than water.

  • Thanks, Clutter.

  • Yes just freshly back from the GP I had my blood test 4 weeks ago. I went to request another . She said wait another 2 weeks for a true reflection ...

  • Thanks! I guess I'll give it a few more weeks :)

  • vixvixvix... It can be helpful for you to be tracking your body temp and heart rate during this time. Nothing fancy.. just take the readings and jot them down in a notebook daily with a note about your dosage and how you are feeling. They say about 3 pm is a good time. Being consistent with the timing is good. These readings and the relief of symptoms was all that docs had to guide them with dosage back in the good old days before the cursed TSH test was developed.

  • Thanks! I do already :). Heart rate is up to 65-70 from 55-60 resting (I knew I wasn't that fit!!!) and body temp is up to about 35.7 from 34.3! Seems ok to me, I suppose the body temp could be a bit higher, but we can't have everything I supposed!

  • vixvixvix... good for you (tracking body temp/heart rate). Wise of you to keep track. 6 - 8 wks is considered a good time to get labs done after starting NDT. It will also be a good time to ck B 12, D 3 and iron levels also. I think your numbers will be pretty good since you seem to be handling the NDT w/o problems. The temps and heart rate records will be invaluable if you want to raise NDT dosage just a wee bit after checking thyroid labs in a few weeks. Those records can help you to hit your 'sweet spot' if you need to increase dosage.

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