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Just been to the Docs - WOW -( BTW This is now the "real" me!)!!! (The Viking Warrior)


Hello All

Re the Viking Warrior - the blonde plaits are part of the "Hat". I was going to wear it into the surgery this morning. My husband said he would put it on here if I promised to behave!!

Yes - The Doc visit. I planned to see a different Doc, one who I knew was more...er...enlightened. It was great. He said he felt my Doc in Winchester knew more about thyroid issues than he did and he would be pleased for me to continue seeing him AND... that he would provide the NDT as prescribed by aforementioned Doc.. on the NHS!!! Yes, I know - it sounds too good to be true, I can't believe it myself - the 6 page letter probably helped!

The other interesting thing that emerged is that he thinks that I may have GH (haemochromotosis) and took bloods there and then -( himself!!) he said he has never come across anyone who had it in many years - so I hope I am not the first. It is manageable with venosection (blood letting) though, and is genetic - hence GH - but I'll cross that bridge when I get there - hopefully fairly soon. Anyway - some days are good!!! XXX

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Great, well done!


Wow. Well done you! :-)

Great news! You must be so happy. x

I've just seen Sheenah's Winchester doctor - in Oxford. I wondered out loud whilst I was there if my own GP might prescribe the NDT. He sensibly suggested I should try it first and see if it helped as I'd have a stronger case for asking for it if it does.

Sounds awesome:)

Yee hah! More power to your Valkyrie/Viking getup -perhaps you ought to loan it out?

sheenah in reply to mumcat2

I would have loved to have walked through the waiting room wearing it - it was packed yesterday - mind you - I live in Glastonbury so it might have gone unnoticed!! XX


Maybe when he saw a Viking Warrior as a patient, it frightened him into prescribing.

I wish you well on your new prescription.


It would be very interesting to see that kickass letter of yours (with names and personal details you don't want to share removed of course). I wonder if there's a way of doing that on here?

Definitely one of the problems thyroidees have is formulating what to say to their doc. And docs so often slap the patient down without listening. A good letter to pave the way can only help. And yours sounds like just the biz.

What do you think?

sheenah in reply to Hidden

I'm up for sharing it on the forum if we can find a way!

Hidden in reply to sheenah

Did you see that I've been trying to raise awareness of our plight with various MPs? If you search on Jane Ellison something ought to pop up.

I'll PM you.

Well done, Sheena. You can bring the viking warrior hat out if your GP becomes less co-operative in the future ;)

What made your GP suspect GH?

I had bloods done at the beginning of Feb, and went back to be told that everything was that dreadful word "NORMAL". Well it wasn't, but he didn't notice. I read Doc P's book and came across haemochromtosis in there. It rang a bell because this Doc (not the one I saw yesterday) said I had a "good iron store" and I got the results to check for myself. Everybody absoultely should do this!!! The serum ferritin was 550 in a range of 11.0 - 307!!! The ALT serum was also massively elevated. So I researched GH, and was appalled that it had been missed as a potential - so yesterday I pointed this out to him (as I had in the letter) and I said I always am this colour - sort of tanned looking with a red face as you can now see in my photo - he actually said "Well, I really think you have got it" and took bloods there and then. I am not used to Doctors agreeing with me! There were so many things in that blood test that were not "Bloody Normal" !!!

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