Just been to hospital, and the doctor has given me the choice if i want to have my thyroid out or not, i said yes to the op,

which could be in the next three months, but he is not sure if that will get rid of the cough i have, which is a bit upsetting really, said i might have to see a chest doctor, as the ct scan did not show any cyst, but the ultrasound did show some thing when i had this done in may, i was hoping that the cough go after this op, not sure what to do i this case. Also said i would go straight on t4 tablets, is this good. not to worry if they said it for test thats my thyroid, if it show any cancer because they are taken it all out, i was not worried at that until he said that.

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  • Have you had a needle biopsy of the cyst? I had a TT but had multiple large and visible cysts. Have you had any other investigations for your cough?

  • No had no needle test done, no I have no other test or investigation into my cough, which I have had since end of January this year not gone away, now starting to get bit more, as the weather seems to affect it as the temperature changes , not sure what to do

  • He did not saying anything about cyst this time did not show up on ct scan

  • If you do go ahead with the surgery I would advise that you make sure it is performed by a thyroid surgeon who performs such operations many times a year. The parathyroids have to be very gently lifted out of the way while the thyroid is removed to avoid any permanent damage to them. Barbaraj

  • Hi i had my tt 3 weeks ago, for a large multi nodular goiter, my cough has gone also my snoring has stopped, little bit of a husky voice and need to take t4 and calcium for life, i am so glad my thyroid has gone, but its early days to see if i will have any other problems its a difficult decision, but i had no choice.

    Linda x

  • May I ask what sort of cough you have experienced, tickly, hacking, whooping type? It's just that I keep getting an irritating cough it comes and goes, I also get the occasional choking like something has gone down the wrong way but I wasn't eating anything and have never thought to link it to anything Thyroid.

  • hi, i have had choking on and off, but only few times, normally wake up from choking with in the hour of going to sleep, you should go to your doctors and get checked could be nodules, thats what i got nodules growing, not sure of the type cough it is, as mine seem to be down to the weather, and work, but hoping it will go once i have the op. hope this helps.

  • I had TT in june and feel great, I had vocal cord problem after but its ok now too. Snoring stopped immediately. I love the fact that I am a blank canvas now and most importantly the horrific strangular feeling has gone for good. I had multi nodular goiter on left and one huge one on right ..the right one was removed 33 years ago. Good luck you won't regret the desicion :o)

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