I have low ferratin levels and have been taking floradix but I need something with higher quantities to boost my levels more ( they are 16 ) I can't take tablets because of the fillers and I don't absorb them well. I want something as natural as poss. Any advice on a good one to try would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Spa tone?

  • I don't think there is anything which combines the two things. Spatone is gentle and natural iron but isn't very strong.

  • Hi I have to take the max dose of Ferrous Fumerate, obviously not suitable for you. I have been advised I cannot change as nothing else equivalent in any way. It is important to take a little soluble vit C with any iron for absorption

    Funnily enough though lots of problems as Ferrous Fumerate taken with food, I can cope with it..However,if you try it best to start at a very low dose.

    All iron/ferritin treatment should be tested after 3 months to start with, then annually, normally for life.

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  • Thank you all. Jackie, the doctors did put me on that too I tried the liquid form but I'm too sensitive to many things in it and I felt worse than ever! Thanks for the vitamin C tip. Maybe i'll give the spatone a try x

  • Floradix contains gluten and things with gluten can cause gut inflammation in some people, and inflammation in turn can cause poor absorption. I got on fine with Floravital, which is the gluten free version.

    There are other iron supplements around based on food such as yeast, which might be better tolerated. I think Higher Nature Easy Iron is one. I have heard people mention Bluebonnet as well. I've not tried either of these.

    The strongest one that I've heard of is called Proferrin. It was developed for kidney patients, I think, and contains a form of heme iron. This is absorbed differently from standard iron supplements, which only contain ferrous salts. The drawback is that you have to buy it in from North America.

    I don't recommend Spatone if you are iron deficient and have low transferrin. Although it contains a fairly low quantity of iron, it is very highly absorbable and hits your system rather too quickly. I had a bad experience with it.

  • Thanks for all this info. Yes I am gluten free and just realised I have been buying the wrong one- floradix not floravital! Oops! I will give the floravital a try and look into the others you mention too x

  • Floravital did the job for me, I think it would be worth your while giving it a go. It is quite pleasant to take. I also made sure I was getting a small amount of animal protein twice a day, something I had been rather lax about over the previous year. Good luck.


  • Surely your GP should be precribing something suitable for you?

  • I get on well with Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 and also their slow release capsules;

    Sometimes on offer at Asda, three for £10 - Maddie

  • Thanks for your replies. I have tried the ones that are available on prescription but they were full of things I am sensitive to, not to mention E numbers! I am vegetarian and gluten/ dairy free. I will look into the ones recommended and see what's suitable and give it a try. Thank you x

  • There are around 70 different iron products available here:

    I leave it to you to wade through them all! :-)


  • Thank you!

  • Well i bougt of amazon dessicated liver tablets made by solgar actually has b12 in it theres 250 tablets i a huge jar my ferritin is up to 55 now . Not sure wether this helps x

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