Latest blood test says my medication is now at correct level. Cannot persuade surgery to let me have a copy of results which I know I am en

Titled to! Also keep telling gp that I continue to have muscle pain particularly in legs (sometimes feels like sciatica) also still itch especially at night and stiffen up when I have been sitting or driving for more than a short time. Vit b12 and iron have not been tested - I is this a vitb12 proble? Comments appreciated?

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  • It could be symptoms of Vit B12 but it is also a symptom of hypo. I had more widespread pain and stiffness after I began levothyroxine than before.

    They cannot refuse to give you a copy of your blood results. Is it the receptionist who is refusing to give them to you. Tell them you will speak to your MP if they are not forthcoming. It is the only way we can try to get back to some decent health by learning what keeps us unwell.

    Make an appointment with your GP, say you are having symptoms and would like a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested. You would also like a full thyroid function test as you believe you might be undermedicated and you want to get well.

  • Gp and receptionist both refuse copy of results and verbal figures, just say either "okay now" or after insisting I'm retest "increase by 25mg". Retest in a year. Have read Anthony toft book. Just want to feel back to normal. Have been offered anti depressants.

  • They cannot refuse, it is your legal right. Put a request in writing to the practice manager.

  • I had major improvements in my muscle aches and pains when, over several months, I supplemented with a decent level of iron (3 x 210mg ferrous fumarate per day), then later I added in magnesium citrate (2 x 100mg per day), then finally I added in vitamin D (started on 5 x 1000iu per day, then reduced to 3 x 1000 iU per day).

    None of these supplements did the job by themselves - all of them helped.

    There is loads of information about how to access your medical records and what your rights are on this site :

    You may need to print some of the information out and include it in a letter to the practice manager at your surgery, just so they know that you know your rights in this matter.

  • If you do write to your practise manager make sure you include a request for your letter to be placed on your medical records. This means they can't just quietly secrete your letter away and has to go on your records and serves as a reminder to them...... :) Good luck!

  • Blood tests only measure what's in the blood, not whether its working or not. NEVER let your GP reduce your meds based on blood tests alone.

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