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Should I ask for a copy of my blood test results?


I honestly didn't think that this was possible, but after reading that we have a right to a copy of our results, I've been thinking about asking my GP for them, so that I can see what they actually tested me for thyroid wise. And I'll be able to post the results here, so that you guys could let me know what you think about them being "within normal range". I have an appointment with my doctor booked for Thursday, so I'm going to be discussing the extra tests that should have been done, and hopefully he'll refer me for them, and if not, then I'll definitely be going for a private test.

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The above link takes you to the NHS website detailing information about obtaining your OWN results :-) Also check to see that your records are now on-line - if so you can sign up to view.

Louise199 in reply to Marz

I'm reading through that now, thank you so much Marz ! :)

You are allowed a copy of your results if you live in England, I'am lucky my surgery does not charge for the copy, and last time I picked it up within half an hour of requesting it.

Stourie in reply to elwins

The whole of the uk allows copies of blood results. xx


Personally I wouldn't ask your GP, it opens up an avenue for them to be obstructive and awkward, and ask why you want them then tell you that you don't need to know. Best avoided. What I would do is just ask at the reception desk, they may say they need the doctor's approval so just say that's fine, you'll come back in 2 days to collect the print out. And if they do get difficult about it you can say that the Data Protection Act gives you the legal right to a copy of your results and you're sure no-one at the surgery wants to break the law.

That's not a problem Susie with asking either.

I've been on both ends with the receptionist and the doctors.

Both can be obstructive and play you for a fool.

Receptionist would say she needs doctor permission and doctor would say you don't need it or ask why you need it to stall you.

I always said: that's fine go and ask or I need it for my own record or to show to my private health provider respectively. After that always got my results

Only once really had to argue for blood records but then told them I'm entitled and will complain which worked like a charm.

You need to be assertive and know your rights.

I agree you do need to be assertive as gps and receptionists can be a pain in the @ss, i used to have to put my request in writing and tben they would tell me call back in a week time, no way not now, 6 monrhs later i just ring the surgery and tell them to have copies ready for next day so i can pick them up. I do believe you dont have to give them a reason why you need the results.xx


You may be able to view test results online - ring and ask about this. If you can then apply for online access to your account, you may need enhanced access for blood test results.

All GP practices are supposed to offer this, in reality very few have blood test results available online.

If not then ask for print out of recent tests. Pick up in a day or two. They may make a nominal charge for paper.

You need to know results for TSH, FT4 and FT3.

Do you also have high thyroid antibodies? You need to know. Did GP or Endo ever test these? If not ask that they are tested.

Essential to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12. Always get actual results and ranges. Post results when you have them, members can advise

My GP was quite happy to print them off, no charge. He likes that patients take an interest in their conditions. So just ask! If queried, they are for your records, so you can keep track of them.

The dr I see at my practice, who has now become a manager of that surgery, does not like it when I ask for a print out.

He always wants to know why I want it, I say Its for my own research.

But you don't need it his is reply, we have everything here pointing to the computer.

It is your right to have it and if they ask you why? You are within your rights not to say why, this is how gps can get away with making us ill as they dont want us too understand-it is your health not theirs, they get paid to do a job and half the time they cant do it properly-good job they dont get paid for good work only.xx

I'm glad this was asked. After joining this site not long ago I was thinking about it as I've just had my blood taken Monday and going to see gp about results Friday was just anxious about asking. May sound daft but I worry about offending or upsetting people haha I'm not very assertive. Nice knowing people in the same boat 😋

Rmichelle in reply to Damon312

You sound so polite and lovely-but damon you have to crack a few eggs to make a omlette sometimes(heard of that expression) i think sometimes i am just too pushy, hubby says bossy!! Ha.😊

Damon312 in reply to Rmichelle

Haha yea I'm slowly learning. Hoping to get results and like the OP get advise from the group rather than one doctor 😂

Rmichelle in reply to Damon312

Yes thid forum is great and you can learn sooo much from people who have been there and still going through it- knowledge is power and docs or specialists dont like it when we start to take control off our own health. X😊

Ah yes, but like at my practice all the Drs stick together.

I envisage the Drs in a little coffee room at the back of the surgery talking about certain patients, especially if they become a little awkward and don't conform to their white coat.

That's not me being paranoid. It does go on.

Bunnyjean in reply to Damon312

Assertive practice makes perfect the more you are assertive the easier it gets. You don't have to raise your voice or lose your temper. Always be polite but firm and repeat your questions or requests several times if needed. If you know the persons name use it as well it all helps. Try it.

Rmichelle in reply to Bunnyjean

Im with you bunnyjean keep on going to they cave in.x😊😊

Good for you just keep at it to feel well please don't give up the fight

I always get a copy of my tests blood work etc ethier from hospital itself or receptionist at doctor office!

Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your replies, and advice, I really do appreciate it! :) And especially the one about being assertive with them, I'm definitely going to try my best when I go and see them in an hours time, and hopefully, if they agree to letting me have a copy of my results, I won't have to wait too long. :) And Damon312 I really do hope that you're also able to get a copy of your results without being given a hard time by your GP, and hopefully you'll gain some insight, and advice from the lovely people on here! :) . Thanks everyone! xx

Damon312 in reply to Louise199

Thank you 😁 . How did you get on getting your results? I'm off in less than an hour, feeling anxious 😂.

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