Thyroxine at 5/6am??? Is there a reason why it works better at this time?

Hi Guys,

The last few days (it started accidentally) I started taking my thyroxine super early at 5 or 6 am and then going back to sleep and it seems to be working so much better than taking it at night or at a normal hour in the morning (like 8am). Is there a scientific reason why that happens (or is my body just messing with me and making me do stuff at sunrise)?

In the morning I used to take it alone and wait for an hour before coffee, eating and vitamins; in the evening I used to take it with 5htp, tyrosine and melatonin (So i guess there might have been some hormonal infighting there?)

Just out of interest- I just thought it was a bit odd.

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  • Have you seen this old post?

  • Thanks so much! That is indeed interesting. May be it correspond with the body's natural ft4 high so it's more agreeable?

  • vixvixvix I am the same. The only trouble is that if I do sleep later it messes it all up again and the following couple of days I don't feel so good. But definitely noticed the early hours thing yes!

  • Oh I hope not! I just go back to sleep. I work late so 5:30 am is like 4 hours in!

  • This is just a guess.

    There is a circadian rhythm to cortisol as well as some thyroid-related hormones. Perhaps your cortisol levels are better at 5am - 6am rather than a couple of hours later. If the cortisol levels are just right for you at the earlier time then you may be getting better conversion from T4 to T3.

  • You must have read my mind humanbean I did read helvella 's link but I couldn't make the connection and was about to ask. So yes, that's one explanation

  • Didn't mean my link to be an answer so much as a bit of information to the mill of understanding. :-)

    I have always taken mine at bed-time so am a very bad person to actually ask - no experience of taking it at other times.

  • Ah well all valuable info and gratefully received :)

  • You shouldn't be drinking coffee, caf or decaf, or normal/green tea at the same or similar time if you need to take vitamins/minerals.

    You also shouldn't be drinking tea or coffee while eating regardless.

    Simply as tannins and caffeine interfere with vitamin and mineral absorption.

    You should leave a couple of hours either side.

  • Ha I know, but between that, Fat coffee before the gym, no anything for about 1 1/2 hours before the gym (even then it's a minor miracle if I don't feel sick, my digestion is SLOW), work, vitamin only in the morning (any time after 10 I'm still too buzzed at night), it's really not doing the job 100% or not taking it at all. Otherwise I'll be starting my morning routine at 4 am!

    But thanks for letting me know :).

  • I TAKE WHEN I WAKE ,5,6,7 am have taken at night when on holiday.Not noticed any difference.

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