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Throat pain, is it salivary gland or thyroid?


For the last two months, I've been experiencing unusual neck pain under my chin - around the salivary gland area which comes and goes and seems to flare up and feel inflamed.

I've also had along with this a foul taste/smell from the back of my throat/mouth on and off, also I have Hypothyroid/Hashimotos and my Thyroid feels like it is burning sometimes when all the other stuff flares up and it is very sore and uncomfortable. I feel exhausted a lot and the neck pain is very worrying. My GP has ruled out Lymphoma and anything serious, I've had x2 Ultrasound scans and 1x CT scan, Waiting currently for an MRI scan to rule anything else out. I was told initially it could be salivary gland stones - but nothing has been found or diagnosed yet I continue to be in pain and also another horrible symptom, is that when this all flares up, I feel like I am coming down with the Flu yet I have no Flu symptoms other than the sore neck and feel like I am burning up time to time.

Any suggestions what this could be? I am waiting to see an ENT specialist on the ever so long NHS waiting lists in UK and have been made to feel that if I go back to my GP about this anymore they are starting to think I am a hypochondriac.

My CBC and WBC are within range I've been told and my Thyroid levels are within the normal range with my medication. So, I am completely baffled what is causing all of this?

Any help appreciated!

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I wonder if these could be autoimmune attacks. I also think they might produce a flush or fever temporarily.

Acid reflux could possibly produce those feelings as well. Do a bit of research and see if you can relate.

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What's your diet like?

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Hi kerrycat7

I used to get blocked saliva glands all the time (they're hereditary in my case) - my whole face would swell up, I'd get pain behind my ears and at the side of my throat, sometimes accompanied by a fever. When the blockage cleared, I would get lots of foul tasting saliva in my mouth. I don't tend to get the fever so much these days but it still gets blocked every now and then. My dad who gets them too told me to massage the area and sometimes drink orange juice. If you have thyroid issues, that could be causing the fatigue (doctors' ideas of normal just mean within the range and not necessarily the best level)

Hope that helps

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Hi Kerry, are you feeling any different? I forgot to mention Tonsilliths. Look it up on You Tube. They get caught in the tonsils but not sure if they are infectious.

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Hi there

Thanks for your posts,

No not much better and it's been 7/8 months now! Had scans and awaiting an appointment with the endo which isn't until January!!! :(


Did you ever get to the bottom of this please? I have this and no-one will help:(


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