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Tamiflu and Relenza Update From The Cochrane Report

For those that have followed this debacle this is the updated Cochrane report. PR

"We identified problems in the design of many of the studies that we included, which affects our confidence in their results. We found that both drugs shorten the duration of symptoms of influenza-like illness (unconfirmed influenza or 'the flu') by less than a day."

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Thanks for this info. I was offered but declined the 'flu vaccine'.


Government scare stories. To keep the population under the thumb. How many children died of measles none one adult.

In the welsh scare.

If a child does not get childhood infections by the age of 3 naturally their immune system will be under active. Having infection parties where kids have chicken Pox and measles to share.

The mothers immunity does not develope so she can pass on the antigens to her children.

So they are making the situation worse. Herd immunity is what the are looking at. Not what might happen in the long term.

There are so many things MP's are supposed to be responsible for. If you saw the news the otherday where an MP threatened a staff member.

Staff members get paid off.

They get an idea in their head. It seems like doctors they do little of their own research.

Its only short term the next 5 years anything else is too much.

Vaccinations are bad for your immune system.

They are only needed if you are going somewhere where there's yellow fever or another nasty.

How many people got bird flue?

Sadam it was the same with that.

It's all going to cave in like parkistan and India in the 1960's

There are very few scientists who are MP's.

Margret Thatcher she made Ice cream.

David Owen Not sure what he did. Met him once.

The government ignore their own advisors. They take advice from industry. Whose there to make money.

They no longer have separate advisors. They are paid by industry now. It was illegal to be

Employed by industry and wholed a government job down.

Sir William Stewart was the last

For the HPA (NRPB).

He warned about technology.

The government took little notice.

BSE where has that died a death.

Big broom and sweep it away.

Swine Flu bird flu they are nothing compared with what's going on.

I even think the Royles are used to take the eye off the ball by the media. Or the next kiss and tell story. Bugging people's phones.

You try and tell them wind turbines and technology are not power efficient and break the law.

They ignore you.

They disturb the environment.

They still ignore you.

Only a handful of people know 8% is more than a handful.



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