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Went to the doctors this morning as I have been feeling really tired and my feet were really sore and the I can't seem to loose the weight I'm really fed up mostly with the fatigue, the doctor wasn't very sympathetic or helpful looked at my last blood test which showed tsh at 0.07 (0.4-5.0) and my t4 was 16.9 not sure but know the high end is 14 and told me to reduce my thyroxine again to 100mcg my dose has never been this low in the 20 years I have an underactive thyroid and the 3rd decrease in the last few months what is going on with me I've gone from 200mcg to 100mcg I've had enough and don't know where to go from here

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  • Hi, Have you asked why it's being reduced? What was his response? Has he looked at why you might be feeling tired? Sorry not knowing your age could it be menopause settling in? 35 years plus

    Horrible to deal with isn't it? :(

  • I am 48 and I have had my thyroid problem since I was 29. He said he is reducing it because my tsh is too suppressed and we need to help it get back to a normal level.

    Tina x

  • He talks rubbish. He is doing more damage by reducing due to your TSH rather than treating your clinical symptoms. If you email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse online article and question 6 will tell your GP exactly what to aim for. Plus these two questions:-

    This is a link and this doctor knew what he was doing. Go to the date July 15, 2006

    and to January 25, 2002 - excerpt

    If the goal of a doctor is metabolic health for his patient, he has no scientific basis for adjusting her thyroid hormone dose by her TSH level. If the doctor is going to make the imprudent choice of treating the patient with T4 (rather than T3 or a T3/T4 combination), he should be aware of the relevant physiology and treat her on the basis of it. Otherwise, he's likely to ruin her health, as your doctor appears to be doing to yours.

  • Sorry?.... get back to normal? Tisstoss. This is the kind of 'care' that is making Hypo's more ill. I've been there far too long and decided to make a change. Argh!

  • Actually thinking about his response... this could be seriously detrimental to you... would you PLEASE consider going back after reading the recommended articles?!

  • Your doctor seems to be treating your TSH level not your symptoms. Your T4 level is nowhere near the top of the range, so you are not in danger of being over medicated, yet he reduces your medication. Have you ever been well medicated i.e. medicated at a level where you felt well?

  • He said he's not worried about the T4 but he wants to get the TSH back to a normal level. My levels were all ok until about a couple of years ago when it was found I had pernicious anaemia and ever since then I've had all these problems I'm just so tired and I hate feeling the way I do.

    Tina xx

  • So has he pout you on extra iron? My consultant found out I had pernicious anaemia - it's very common but does need supplementing. Look at your diet too for extra iron ;)

  • I would be asking for antibody tests. What about your other bloods levels: B12, folate, iron Ferritin, Vit D. Pernicious anaemia is an autoimmune condition. There are several good books about auto immune and diet. I am going gluten and dairy free as I have antibodies and there is Crohn's disease and PA in my family as well as hypothyroid.

  • I have had antibodies done and they are fine I don't know what else I can do now.

    Thanks for all your replies.


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