Attitude to t3 in Germany

Hi all,

I have found that doctors are extremely reluctant to prescribe t3 or even testing t3 levels here in Ireland. I actually requested a t3 test from the nurse last time I had my bloods done but the lab ignored it. The doctor said that they usually ignore it when TSH and t4 levels are good. (??!! Very strange if you ask me)

Anyhow, a move to Germany (Berlin) might be on the cards within the next two months. Does anyone know if doctors in general are willing to prescribe or at least test t3 levels there. I have heard that the level of health care is really good but I don't know how their attitude towards thyroid problems are.

Any insight would be extremely welcome! :-)



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  • I have the same problems here getting my t3 results from the has written to the labs and even when the blood tests are requested from my consultant it make no appears to depend on who is working the lab any particular .....I have t4-t3 conversion issues...its so frustrating....I'm sorry I have no experience with Germany to share with you ....I just wanted to let you know your not the only one has with this problem here in Ireland.

  • Apologies, that should say " any particular DAY"...good luck with your move.

  • Hello Tchick 

    I was in Germany recently and was asked to enquire whether they prescribe Armour. So I went to a pharmacy in Taunusstein near Wiesbaden and she checked her computer and said no they only prescribe Levothyroxine, but that I could get it from America.  

    I have German satellite tv and saw a programme whereby a doctor was discussing thyroid problems one of her patients had and they were really nasty symptom.  She treated that lady and she was delighted with the recovery so maybe she is an expert in that.  I did not catch all of the programme but I did make a note of her name and hopefully I transferred it to my notebook when discarding my old diary recently.   I can check it out when I get back home next week.    

  • You could pop across the border into France or Belgium, and see a doctor there. They are pretty open to prescribing T3 as a rule. And in Belgium, you can even get prescribed NDT. :)

  • Hi, if you are going to be covered by the German Health Insurance Scheme, i.e. because of work or as a dependent of someone who works and pays into the - compulsory - Scheme you have direct access to specialist doctors, of your choice! Big Advantage as you can change as well, every quarter. Through a friend I know there is a specialist surgery for Thyroid Disease, I think it was on FriedrichStrasse, which was recommended to me. I live in Berlin every year for 4-6 weeks but because I am only covered for emergencies I would have to pay privately. Have no further info but you should be able to find specialist. The German for Hypothyroidism is ( nice long compound word !) ' Schilddrüsenunterfunktion'. You are looking for a 'Endokrinologe' if you start searching the yellow pages. Good luck!

  • Thanks all for taking the time to respond! :-) I will come back and update once I get there. :-)

    Thanks again, You guys are awesome! xx

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