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Given up on erfa...I can't with my palpitations and breathless


Since one month taking erfa thyroid I taked 25mcg levo so I started on 30 mg erfa then two weeks 60mg feeling terrible day by day.I can't breathe my throat is burning like hell I have a little fever my eye is infected I am so scared I dont know what is going on...

I can't see properly and I have vertigo as soon as I get out home.Today I just take 30mg I think I will go back to levo but I dont know how to do it. I will do a salivary test but I cant do it now maybe in a month...I am taking vitamin d 2000iu iron was 70 and ferritin 70 my b12 is 310. I will take by lab results on thursday to check whats going on....Any advices please I am scared I feel like I am going to die literally..

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Who told you to start erfa at 30mcg then double it 2 weeks later ? You sound very overmedicated, you should go back and speak to your doctor as soon as possible. It sounds like you have been increased by far too much too soon.


Hi susymac My doctor said to start on 30 but I was afraid so I have been doing 15 mg firs two weeks then 30 feelin awful the one week later 30+15 and then 60mg.

At first I wasnt feeling hyper just hypo but ten times worst so I increased until I stopped on 60 feeling bad palpitations so at this point I dont know what to do...

susymac in reply to Hidden

Did you feel ok on 15mcg, before putting it up to 30, two to three weeks is normal between upping the dose in the beginning, but only when you need it upped. increases tend to spread out a little more as you go, but you went upto 45 only a week later then upto 60, that is far too fast you should have stayed at 30 until you felt it needed upped, then increased it to 45. sometimes it only needs upped every other day. You really need to go back to your doctor.


I have been confused myself about the dosage of NDT as it said Naturethroid - 1 grain = 65mcg which I thought referred to equal to levo. Recently I found out that Naturethroid 1 gr is equal to 100mcg levo. So, in effect, if you have been taking 1 gr Erfa - it is equal to 100 levo which is a big jump from 25mcg levo. Maybe you should start again and increase extremely slowly to give Erfa a chance.

When I use erfa I was very careful in my dosing and started on 1/4 grains and then increased after 4-6 weeks and then increased again by a 1/4 each time every 4-6 weeks...

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