Vitamin D2 or D3??

I am deficient in Vitamin D and my endo told my doc to prescribe vitamin D which she did. She prescribed me ergocalciferol which is vitamin D2. My vitamin D levels are rising but very slowly. As per usual, I am researching my condition, because of the lousy Docs and have come across several articles suggesting that D3 is the better vitamin D to take. I've read that it can boost your levels up to 500 times faster than D2??? Also, D3 is more natural to our bodies as this is what our bodies make when exposed to sun. So, why do we get prescribed vitamin D2 and not D3? When we are tested for vitamin D, how do we know which one we are deficient in or doesn't it matter?? Found this article which was very interesting. Now wondering wether to take an over the counter D 3 too?

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  • When I had my vit D tested privately the results identified both D2 & D3 levels - have you asked for copies of your blood results? It is definitely D3 that you need to take.

  • Hi

    Had the tests done privately via Blue Horizon and it doesn't state which vitamin D I am deficient in, just says vitamin D deficient! If that's the case why does the doc take it upon herself to prescribe D2? yet more confusion in the world of hypothyroidism! Lol x

  • The above video explains the importance of VitF when taking VitD - perhaps that will help your levels to increase. There is a chart there about dosing according to levels. It is ng/L not nmol/L

  • Have nosey at the Vitamin D Council website They recommend D3 capsules -this is because D3 stays longer in the body then D2....& therefore it is the preferred route of treatment for raising vitamin D levels.

  • I had a vit D test done at my doctors surgery and was told i need to take 2000 vit D3 per day,the one recomended to me by my doctor and the Chemist costs only £1.00 at Asda for 60 tablets,each tablet is 1000 iu called valupak vitamins,its a purple and white container.


  • I have always been prescribed Vit D3 for my deificency. But buy them at health shop (and also try and get it from the best source, the sun). The ones that the doc's prescribe give me consipation

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