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Help! What Blue Horizon test? GRAVES


Right. I've decided I need to get an urgent test done thro Blue Horizon, in the first instance. If that proves what I suspect (going hyper), I will have to face the music with my consultant.

But, feeling a bit fuzzy-headed, and vision not too good ... and knowing from past experience that the BH staff don't understand what the tests are, I can't work out whether I need the Intermediate Thyroid Profile (TSH, free T3, free T4), or the Advanced one which includes T4, plus (I think) antibodies not related to Graves. Or something else...?

Can anyone advise, please?


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Sorry you had no replies, your question seems to have been missed - hopefully someone will pick it up from Latest Activity...



I would have thought the advance one is better then you have a more complete picture (and avoid the possibility of needing to go back for more tests). Furthermore the three thyroid function tests vary little in price (£82, £91, £111) so go for the advance.

I use Blue Horizon regulalry as a supplementary back up to my NHS treatment and have also found them extremely helpful and friendly and willing to discuss tests they offer. Dont hesitate to give them a call or email them. I have dealt with Paul Harris there.

Midwinter in reply to hoolahoop

Thanks - I will remember to ask for Paul if I have to use them again. In the end I opted for the Intermediate one.

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