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New adrenal results-please help-am worried


Hi, I have just received my new Adrenal results from saliva testing with Genova from the 18/3/14.

New Results first and Results in brackets after ranges are my previous results from 9 months ago.

Sample 1-Post-awakening-11.1 (range 12-22) (10.4)

Sample 2-+4/5hrs-4.4 (range 5.0-9.0) (6.8)

Sample 3-+4/5hrs-1.8 (range 3.0-7.0) (3.0)

Sample 4-Prior to sleep-1.7 (range 1.0-3.0) (1.5)

Total Daily Cortisol-19 (range 21-41) (21.7)

DHEA-Sample 2am- 0.16 -Sample 3pm- 0.11 (range 0.20-0.70) (0.20 0.10)

DHEA : Cortisol Ratio- 0.71 (range 0.6-3.0) (0.69)

Things seem to be getting worse. I tried Hydrocortisone cream for a couple of months but stopped it about 4 weeks before this Saliva test-I didn’t notice any improvement with it. I drink ¼ tspn salt in water once per day but think I need to increase that amount. I also take 3 mg of Vit C a day. I was in the Resistance stage 3:Maladaption but now am in the Exhaustion stage.

I take 1 &1/2 grains of Armour Thyroid per day in 2 doses and have been unable to increase that amount without going a bit Hyper. I am waiting on Thyroid bloods from Geneva but my last bloods from the Doc here in Ireland were TSH-0.02 (range 0.27-4.2) and FT4-14.1 (range 12-20). My FT4 results seems to jump up and down (11, 14.1, 10.8, 15.8, 11.3, 18, 14.1,) the last four of these with a suppressed TSH.

Last iron results were Ferum ferritin 102.8 (range 10-200), serum iron 19 (9-32), TIBC 73 (53-95), Transferrin 2.9 (2.0-3.6 ), and Transferrin Saturation 26% (19-43%).

I would love some advice please as to what to do for my adrenals now as I’m feeling very worried by the worsened results.

Thanks, Di.

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Hi Di, I understand how you are feeling. My total cortisol was 15.3 and it does really worry me. At the moment I'm trying, licorice root, Vit B5, ginseng. I take a small pinch of sea salt in my porridge, and generally try to do anything to improve.

Do you have hair loss? Especially on your body? I've lost all my underarm hair and most of my pubic hair, in a few months I will be totally bald. My doctor doesn't take any of this seriously. I feel terrible, sluggish, very dry skin, headaches, anal fissures, fainting and I shake all the time. Ring any bells? I can't even answer the phone I get so anxious.

I don't know what to advise, I thought HC was supposed to crack it. There's that other steroid which is supposed to be the precursor to many hormones, pregnenolone, but I don't know anyone who takes it. Taking DHEA is supposed to help too, but I don't have any experience of it.

I take Armour, I did feel hyper for two weeks after increasing, but this did pass. You don't have a FT3 result? Or did I miss it?

Hi Helcaster thanks for the reply-I can absolutely relate to how you feel-my partner and adult daughter think that I've gone a bit crazy and some days I have to agree with them!

I'm waiting on the FT3 from UK. I live in Ireland and the Docs say its not necessary-they like to do a TT3-Total T3 but can't tell me what the results of it mean! I wonder if I should persevere with trying to raise the Armour...seems like a bit of a catch 22. Adrenals affect thyroid and thyroid affect adrenals. Did you feel better after you raised the Armour??


Hi Boronia, it looks like I'm not getting my notifications by email, excuse late reply.

It was difficult getting up to 3 grains, but I knew I probably wouldn't get much help below that. The T3 at first did give me some side effects like palps and shaking but this did pass, and I just think my body got used to it.

I have a bit of an inner conflict as to whether T3 can improve adrenal function when it's one of the warning signs on the patient leaflet!

Now I've been on armour and T3 for a good while i'm going to get another saliva test to see if there's any improvement.

Beyond this I think I will start on HC and hope for the best :-(

Here are my latest Thyroid results with ranges and units-just received-

TSH-0.004 (0.4-4.0) L mlU/L

FT4-14.3 (10-22) pmol/L

FT3-8.59 (2.8-6.5) H pmol/L

RT3-o.37 (0.14-0.54) pmol/L

TGab-less than 20 (0-40) IU/mL

TPOab-10.5 (0-35) IU/mL

Does this mean that my FT3 is pooling because of low cortisol??

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