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Have a appointment on the 26th march at guys hospital not kings


Getting closer to finding out what is wrong with me, going to have a biopsy done on the right side of my neck which I have a lump, my doctor forward me to go to the head and neck urgent suspected cancer referral , I have a discomfort under my tongue ear pain and head and also in my shouder blade

The thing is when I went to go to the doctors she said my results came back normal,but then rushed to get me to hospital for a biopsy :-/ even my T3 and T4 was normal so why the panic ;(

Anyway just wanted to write this, am going to get a print out of the results be able to find out more as I am more confused now then before ....

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Hi Lovejoy, I was treated there and found them to be good. The Endo consultant I saw there was extremely kind, compassionate and calm - I hope it goes well for you.

I forgot to say that my sister's thyroid was working perfectly but had to be removed due to pre cancerous/cancerous changes so it can happen. She is very well after 10years and feels completely fine on levothyroxine - a much higher dose than me despite her being pint sized.

Thank you thank you so much give me some hope all will be fine, I have stopped going to the gym until further notice as I don't have any energy ;( fingers crossed xxx

I think I mentioned on here before that it is possible for thyroid tissue to be found in the area of the jaw and affecting the sublingual area. (I think it was benign) I was googling thyroid scans and saw the picture. Encouraging that lovejoy reported back they have a good endo at kings. Hope all goes well for you

Fingers crossed two days To go, was not feeling good today very sensitive just don't feel right x

Busy day working, you know the company I work for think they would have some compassion, but instead end up giving me more work, start at six today but had to get up at three, travel 60 miles to work in one area for three hours then I got to travel another 40 miles to meet a guy I got to train up then a hour drive back arm is killing me and neck roll on tomorrow x

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