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I am even failing at booking a blood test!

Right it has taken me months to pluck up the courage to go for a private blood test to see what my T3 levels are, as my GP says it is not needed. After looking through all the info I have decided to go to a Nuffield hospital and have this test....Intermediate Thyroid Profile (TSH, FT4, FT3) I called the 0800 number but there is no answer and then I saw you can book online but I can not find out where I do this, please is there anyone out there who can enlighten me?

Many many thanks in advance :) oh the company is Blue Horizon

And is T3 enough or should I get FT3 done, am genuinely confused!

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If you look on the Thyroid UK site you will find details about testing. Blue Hotizon is one of them.


Thanks silverfox7 i actually managed to get that far, but then became lost and confused, I think am all sorted now though!


The websites that I know of for Blue Horizon are :

(Please note that each site offers a different set of tests, and prices also vary.)

For tests at a Nuffield Hospital :

For tests at a Spire Hospital :

For tests to be sent to Blue Horizon through the post (where people have arranged their own blood draw) :

For home blood tests done with a finger prick kit which is then sent through the post, there appear to be two sites, not sure why, and the prices aren't always the same at each site :

When I looked at the test you referred to at the Nuffield site (PLEASE check I picked the right one!) :

I noticed there was a tiny little symbol down near the bottom right of the page. If you get a magnifying glass out and look at it (I'm only half joking - BH are obviously only trying to do business with people with good eyesight) you can see it is a shopping trolley. If you click it you will get taken to the order page.

Also note for the Nuffield site that they are offering free blood tests throughout 2015. I haven't studied the conditions attached, but it is obviously worth your while to read about it.

Finally, I've only ever used the Spire Hospitals site. On that site, when I first ordered, if you registered you got an extra 5% off the price. I don't know if this is still true, and I have no idea if it applies to any of their other sites.

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Thank you so much humanbean, you have explained so even I understand :D

Sharp scratch coming soon!


I think that the most important test is the Free T3. This is a link and explanation of the different tests. You only need to get that which you think is the most important. GPs usually just do T4 and TSH.


You know, reading your post , I've got a feeling I tried that ages ago too and got nowhere. I gave up on that and now do mine with a home testing kit from Blue Horizon. Very easy to do and results back in a couple of days. And you get a TUK discount if you put the code in.


Right after much reading I see there are a couple of tests for FT3 and one for Reverse T3 , what is the difference?

Many thanks x


go onto the thyroid uk website and look on the menu to the left for blood tests. BH do various ones You can just do finger prick type in comfort of your own home and that is the cheapest. If you go to a private hospital you need to pay a phlebotomy fee. I am just about to order a finger prick test as my local CCG will not allow GP's to order T4 or T3 tests!! TSH is "the only test we need", so NOT TRUE.


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