Selenium...yes or no?

I have a thyroid problem hyper /hypo for over 30 years and now have Firbomyalgia. I read a book on a diet for it and it said to take Selenium, I am now taking ACE WITH SELENIUM --+ ZINC... One tablet... Wasn't quite sure what Selenium was so looked it up and found this as follows;

Selenium also plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland and in every cell that uses thyroid hormone, by participating as a cofactor for the three of the four known types of thyroid hormone deiodinases, which activate and then deactivate various thyroid hormones and their metabolites: the iodothyronine deiodinases are the subfamily of deiodinase enzymes that use selenium as the otherwise rare amino acid selenocysteine. (Only the deiodinase iodotyrosine deiodinase, which works on the last break-down products of thyroid hormone, does not use selenium).

Selenium may inhibit Hashimoto's disease, in which the body's own thyroid cells are attacked as alien. A reduction of 21% on TPO antibodies was reported with the dietary intake of 0.2 mg of selenium.

Increased dietary selenium intakes reduce the effects of mercury toxicity and it is now recognized that the molecular mechanism of mercury toxicity involves irreversible inhibition of selenoenzymes that are required to prevent and reverse oxidative damage in brain and endocrine tissues.

Any thoughts or opinions would be much welcomed. Sam :-)

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  • I recommend navigating this site for info on supplementation/diet etc:

  • Thank you :-))

  • Have been taking Selenium with ACE and D for years - around 200mcg and sometimes double that - depending on stocks ! My TPO anti-bodies were 900 plus when diagnosed in 2005 and still are ! However I continue to take it due to the other good things it is involved in :-)

    My GP here in Crete suggested taking it for 3 months and then having a month off - can't remember why :-) Possible toxicity ?

  • Many thanks for your reply, I think I need my antibodies tested?? :-)

  • I found selenium helped a bit when I wasn't properly well on Levothyroxine

  • Cool... May it continue... I'm giving it a go :-)

  • Are you on thyroxine only? This helped my thyroid symptoms a bit, but the problems I had which were blamed on fibromyalgia improved enormously when I was put on T3 also.

  • Yes 75mg daily which did start at 175mg I have asked for my T3 to be tested doctor said yes however lab didn't test as they say my TSH 4.5 was "normal" confused. com lol x

  • Your T4 can be 'normal' but that doesn't mean you're converting it properly. Surely it's your doctor, not the lab, who should decide what gets tested? My life is hugely improved since I got the T3. It might not be the answer for you, but it certainly seems worth persevering to find out. :)

  • Yes, that's what I said to the doctor... I will ask again as I'm not happy and still unwell...

    Plus they found Rhymatoid in my bloods I'm wondering if I need TPO antibodies tested??

  • I don't know about your initial question as I am just starting out on this journey really, my doctor told me here in Leeds the labs will not test ft3, even if he requests it so it seems they do decide :-( so unless I go private I will never know, I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos, though have had hypothyrodism for years, its only these last three that I'v had any real problems with it, but I am now, like many others trying to optimise all I can to help myself feel more human

  • Hi whispers, sorry to hear of your battle, remember the war isn't over yet... I too battle constantly when I have enough money I am going to have blood tested via blue horizon as my health is not improving in fact it's getting worse especially in the night when I wake up in pain and so stiff can hardly move... Keep me posted of how your getting on I'd be interested to know and good luck... Take care Sam :-) x

  • Its a nightmare knowing whats best to do but this post on selenium has made me think a bit more, thank you for your interest, I will keep you updated lol you take care too x

  • I started it a week ago plus Q10 early days yet... Fingers crossed today they might listen... :-))

  • I have just read a study regarding selinium which is of interest. It clearly states that men should not take the supplement as it increases the risk of cancer. The study is online and reported last month in the Guardian.

  • Hi and thank you I will try see if I can find it :-) got it here is the link if anyone is should deffo take a look :-)

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