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I have had hashimotos for 11 years, went hyper 6 months ago (september),reduced dose of thyroxine from 150 mcg down to as low as 100mcg one

day and 75 mcg the next ,till december,.

Went up to 100mcg a day from January till end Feb

Went up to 112.5 mcg.

Now been on 125mcg for 5 days.

I still feel awful ,sometimes I feel bit better but then lapse back to extreme lethargy,no stamina nausea,low mood,hair coming out.

My TSH was 0.01 when I went hyper.

Reduced to 100mcg TSH 0.10,still having awful hyper symptoms.

Reduced to 100mcg one day and 75 mcg the next as still getting hyper symptoms.TSH 0.85

Went up to 100mcg TSH 1.36 now having hypo symptoms

Still on 100mcg TSH 1.99 , still having severe hypo symptoms

Went up to 112.5 mcg still having severe hypo symptoms

Now on 125 mcg for 5 days ,feeling better in one way but terrible in an other deep seated feeling of low mood ,no energy ,hot cheeks.I get sudden rush of internal jitterness and flushes,and feeling want to sit down.

My Thyroid feels so out of whack and so do I .

Endos and GP trying to stabilse me ,but do not know what they are doing,meanwhile I feel like death.Help.

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Have you had an antibody test TPO. My Tsh was all over the place last 2 years. Then felt very unwell with discomfort in my neck. Asked for TPO test. Reading was high, had Thyroid scan shows severe atrophy. Now about to start Paleo diet as antibodies are sign of auto immune disease which is made worse with Gluten in the diet. Hope you get some answers


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