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Blood test results? Hashi's but gone Hyper

TSH 0.14 mu/l Range 0.34-5.60

Free T4 7.9 Range 7.9-20

Free T3 4.9 Range 3.80-6.00

Always had low blood pressure but yesterday and today at Drs it was 148/88 and resting pulse rate was 98

I have Hashimoto's and I'm 48 was on 2 grains of Nature Throid and I've reduced to One and a half grains. i came off Levo in Aug 2013 100mcg.

Any help appreciated please

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Sorry you had no replies. :(

It may be that your question was missed... Hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity...

How are you feeling?




Hi. As you have Hashimotos then you have an autoimmune condition which is causing your thyroid to be attacked. As this attack causes additional t4 hormones to be released into your system you will start to feel hyper. Until your thyroid has been comp,etely destroyed by these attacks you will feel hyper on occasions although diagnosed as hypo!! When you feel hyper then take no meds that day. You will feel tbe benefit by not taki g your Ndt as tbe lack of t3 will have immediate effect. Start taking meds when you feel back to normal - usually within 24 - 48 hrs. Check that you do not have a gluten intolerance. This is a common cause of a thyroid related autoimmune condition . Hope this helps.


Thank You for your reply it's been really helpful and I'll skip my meds when feeling hyper and hopefully won't over heat so much too. I have had a Cealiac test and it was negative so eat gluton even though I don't eat much bread in my diet as it does seem to bloat me x


Yes I would recommend going gluten free. I was recently diagnosed with thyroid antibodies and was diagnosed with wheat intolerance long before hypothyroid. I am just reading about the paleo (diet) solution by Robb Wolf which is gluten free (among other things) What I have read so far makes perfect sense. I will be trying the diet and hope that the antibodies will reduce and thereby stop the yo yo effect of hypo and hyper.


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