Does anyone suffer from bone pain/aches

I'm trying to fathom out if my bone pain/aches (throughout my body), is thyroid related or something else. Does anyone else suffer from bone pain/aches. I've been struggling to be honest with my thyroid meds and low adrenals for quite some time and trying different doses/combinations of hormones - trying to find relief - how I wish. But, the bones are really hurting quite a lot now which is strange to me and I can't figure it. I do have some mobility issues due to an accident so I would expect some aches but the pain is in areas that have nothing to do with my mobility issues. x

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  • I didn't have aches or pains until I had been on levo a couple of months with increases. Aches and muscle pains are usually due to either being on medication which doesn't suit you, or not enough.

  • Hiya, I've been on Levothyroxine for 31yrs. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and am in pain nearly all the time. However, reading more thanks to Thyroid UK I'm starting to think the pains are actually to do with becoming resistant to Levothyroxine.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Its not resistance to levothyroxine its the synthetic nature of levo that is poison to your body and causing all the aching ,same will apply with t3 .......your like my husband and daughter and grandaughter they only function on Armour/erfa/ndt

  • Thyroxine and even T3 cause immense bone pain in mamy people

    My husband was in agony as was our daughter and grandaughter is currently in agony on thyroxine

    If you are chemically sensitive or you are allergic to the fillers in thyroxine bone pain is the result

    Try Armour or NDT or ERFA instead

  • yes I do,iahve pain in my browbone,my nose(sides are sore and swollen\\-bone growth??)my ribs but worst of all Is my pelvic is persistent 24/7.dont know if its fibro.lupus or sjogrens?

  • I ached every where and felt like an old woman,until I started taking T3,this has helped my aches and pains immensely. Bev .

  • Have you had your vit d tested? Low d can give you aches and pains.

  • I agree with puncturedbicycle. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms include bone pain and tenderness.

    Vitamin and mineral deficiences are so easily overlooked. Medical training in nutrition is minimal so conventional medics don't recognise symptoms. Get your nutritional state improved and medical conditions will present more clearly. But remember that it takes time for you to benefit from supplements, so be patient.

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