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Does anyone suffer from oral lichen planus as well as thyroid?

Hi All, I'm new here. Last year I was feeling totally eshausted, my GP gave me B12 injection as this was low, I was to have this every 3 months. At the same time I was given my flu jab, shortly after I started developing a rash on my arms, feet, underarms, specialist diagnosed this as Lichen Planus. I now suffer from oral lesions, specialist said it could be lichen planus. Saw oral specialist she asked about my thyroid, recommended a biopsy for my tongue. All my thyroid blood tests since the age of 8 have been borderline, i suffer tiredness, brain fog, constipation, depression etc. Now wondering whether I should go gluten free, rash on arms, body has settled down but oral problems still with me. I am currently trying echinaforce and use biotene toothpaste and a prescribed mouthwash to numb the pain. Anyone have any similar symptoms. Thanks

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Hi Julesone,

Sorry you are suffering with it as well. I first had the skin version on my wrists about ten years ago, then in Oct 13 at a routine dental check up it appeared in my mouth. The initial outbreak was very painful and I had steroid mouth wash, which did help but it just came back again after stopping. I am told it is auto immune. I have the white lacy patches which are ok, but the red deep areas can be really sore. I find a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with coconut oil and swilled round as good as anything and it does seem to settle it down, I do wonder if having a low Vit D triggered it.



My dentist has referred me for this. I have hashimotos also. I've had no pain luckily and I would never have known it was there. My appointment is next week so I'll see what the consultant says, but I'm not too worried.


I recently saw an oral consultant - I was sent from rheumatologist as they are trying to ascertain whether my UCTD is sjogren's / lupus. The oral consultant recommends ALL her patients takes a B12 sublingual which, according to a recent study are as effective as an injection.

The brand used in the study was Solgar but that doesn't mean other brands like Jarrows wouldn't be as effective. She said b12 is an immune modulator which I gleaned meant it would support anyone with autoimmune conditions.


Sorry you're having so much trouble. Yes I have both. Did you know that oral lichen planus can be aggravated by candida? You may have this in your mouth without knowing it, without symptoms. I rinse regularly with a couple of drops of grapefruit seed extract (Citricidal) in a few ounces of water, particularly after cleaning teeth. Won't cure it, obviously, but does help to control flareups.

And don't use cheapo toothpaste - some of the supermarket brands cause me serious problems.

PS: GSE is wonderful stuff for all sorts of fungal and bacterial infections. Do Google it! And it is very cheap.


Oh my yes was diagnosed 3 years ago my dentist sent me off to a max fax, had a biopsy and OLP was diagnosed. Having a bit of a flare up at the moment, sore mouth. Been eating a lot of satsumas, pineapple and strawberries wondering if the acid isn't helping. Just trying to boost my immune. I regularly take vit c,vit d and b12. I too have found swishing coconut oil (pulling) round my mouth, but I detest coconut! Back to my drunk Malibu days!! x


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