Muscle and bone pain

Hi all. I've been on NP thyroid for 18 days now. Some of my symptoms are gone, but some aren't. Have back pain all on the left side (shoulder blade, mid back at bra line, and flank). I also have left rib pain, freezing feet and ankle pain, horrible fatigue, etc. I can't help but go to the worst and think I have cancer or something horrible. I guess I'm just looking for people with thyroid issues that have had the same pains and symptoms.

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When I first began levothyroxine, I couldn't believe I could feel that unwell as it took such a long, long, time to be diagnosed. I was undiagnosed and had treatment for symptoms but not for hypo until my TSH was 100 and only due to a First Aider's suggestion was I diagnosed. Hopefully as your dose is gradually increased you will begin to improve.

I couldn't even step onto a pavement or move without all muscles being painful.

Thank you so much! I lay in bed in pain and think this cannot just be due to my thyroid. I have health anxiety too so that doesn't help.

Anxiety is one of the clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism and I'll give you a link and I bet you can tick off a few more. Hopefully as your dose is increased your pain will be relieved.

This is useful thank you. I have about 75 percent of the symptoms, have just printed to take to GP next visit to say still getting despite medication,

hi, I'm also on treatment for hypothyroid and found with treatment the itching was gone and I felt less sleepless. However the same as you I get pains in the same areas. The only thing showing on my blood tests so far for this is severe vitamin d deficiency which actually gets better when I'm not taking the thyroid meds, so it's kinda which is the lesser of the two evils, as my bp goes high without the thyroid meds and fultium d plus my allergy meds I've chosen to go back to being on them and just take painkillers in the morning as I also get carpal tunnel syndrome. Have you had your vitamin levels tested any of the Vit d, b12, and iron can cause the pains I believe. if you are treated for these too could help alleviate your pains. best of luck, Also, I have changed to a low-carb, high-fat diet and this really does help.

I am on the correct diet, however, my vitamin D and ferritin are low, and I'm on D3 and iron for those. Maybe as they come up, it'll get better. I'm just SO frustrated. I guess with the thyroid meds, I expected a much faster recovery.

I can understand. It does take time. Have you had your t3 measured ive geard that can make a difference for some people with hypothyroid if the levo is not working as well as should be.

Yes I'm on NP thyroid. It has T4 and T3 in it

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