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Appt with Endo today - update for all who gave me advice with my previous question

hello everyone, I am hoping you are able to read this as I have not had the chance to be able to respond to you all until now. THANK YOU all sooooo much of the advice and words of wisdom you gave me, it was very very useful.

As an update, my appointment was a bit of a mixed bag really. I have convinced the Consultant that I saw (which was a different one yet again) to test me for T3 - She won't do RT3 though as according to her the Trust wont allow this. Anyway she said that if it is abnormal then she will trial me on T3 - Great I thought, as after doing a lot of pre reading etc, with the help from you guys, she commented on me having a good knowledge of the illness and I am very sensible. What I couldn't convince her of was my low Iron, B12 & folate levels - she feels they are not low enough to be concerned about, yet she is happy for me to deal with these myself! Lol

I have put on weight, again, this time a whole 1 pound in 6 mtgs, so that was a bit of a relief as I generally thought I had put a heck of a lot more on. (Still need got lose tons though).

What she has said though is if my T3 is not abnormal I am discharged from the clinic as there is not much more they can do there that my GP can't deal with.

For as sad as it sounds but I am so praying that my T3 will be abnormal just so I know what course of action and treatment I will be dealing with rather than being back at square one.

looks like a trip to Boots is in order tomorrow to try and obtain necessary vitamins, Iron, b12, folic acid, selenium.

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If you supplement with vitamin B12, it should be methylcobalamin. not cyanocobalamin which most health stores sell. You can also get B12 sublingual which means it goes directly into your bloodstream and excess is excreted in urine.


Awe Thank you, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the different variations when I took a quick look last night on the H&B website!

And thanks again for all your help, really appreciated it.


If you wish you can click on the Amazon info on the right hand side. I order vits etc from them and delivered to your home. also get a very small donation from them.

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GP said 'go to Boots' to me too for low Vit D - I was disappointed as very limited choice, I went to H&B to start but suggest you save the hassle & pennies & read up!

~ low iron - folk often say spatone (sorry not tried it as prefer liver & onions!) Vit C involved/helps too.

~ B12 - I have a 'boost' mouth spray (with B complex tabs when I remember) if it's a real problem it points to gut health so spray is better (or injections if necessary)

~ Vitamin D (my fav) I have a few drops daily - much easier than 10+ cod liver oil capsules or 6 tins of pilchards!(there's sprays too or tablets) OR - get out in the sun (if you can afford to chase it!) magnesium & K2 needed too, selenium for hormone conversion (just a couple of brazil nuts). My personal opinion is:-

yes eat a regular 'healthy diet' - unfortunately nutrients are severely lacking from our current food and a 'healthy diet' is perceived in a different light by everyone! J :D

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Its a nightmare trying to balance when to take things, as I am on a mix of Vit D and Calcium (Calichew provided by the Doctors) as you can't take these at the same time as Levo, Iron tabs can't be at the same time and the consultant said that I will need to ensure that I space all tablets out throughout the day. By the look of things I will be popping pills all day at work!! I am definitely going to get some Selenium though and try that.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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