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Got booked in for bloods vit d b12 thyroid ferratin

Hi i seen a doctor yesterday and asked about my last bloods even though they was suppose to test my b12 the hospital didn.t he don.t know why well he.s requesting a few otherones aswell now after getting my family backround . Lucky enough he saw my aunt who has b12 difficiancy so he know a lot anyway.. i know not to take my meds that morning but my appointment is for 10.55 due to the vit d test he said that it has to be rapped in foil and taken straight to hospital for testing as the light will change the results .so should i not eat or drink anything either and then take my medication afterwards.

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You can have breakfast, unless he is going to do a cholesterol blood test too (usually we have a higher cholesterol before being diagnosed - it is a clinical symptom). If cholesterol is to be done you have to fast. If not you can have your breakfast and as long as two hours have elapsed you can then take your thyroid meds and wait two hours before you eat again.


Ok thanks that great to know .


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