Having bloods taken in 2 wks b12 and should i have vit d

Hi i.ve asked a few questions on here lately one was about pins and needles and was told to see about b12 test so took me 2 wks to been seen and now 2 wks for bloods thats when they can fit me in . Doc told me my thyroid to see hows it going as been on my meds since 27/12/13 diabeties and b12 but shoud i ask the nurse to do vit d aswell and would she now that the doc didn.t ask for it. She told me that i could have some nerve damage as tested my arms and legs and showing signs of it she will refer me after my bloods are back. I.ve had constant pins and needles for over 2 wks now where before they was off and on.

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  • Just ask her to do Vitamin D as you have learned that B12 and Vit D are usually deficient in hypothyroidism and you want to make sure you are not. Pins and needles maybe connected to Vitamin B12.

  • Ok thank you my aunt was told on friday she as it after they thought she had ms now injections for life do they do tablets cause i don.t like needles i can just about manage bloods but not injections.

  • You may have to buy B12 sublingual tablets which dissolve in your mouth and go direct into the bloodsteam. They should be methylcobalamin and not cyanocobalamin. You usually cannot overdose as excess B12 is excreted in urine.

  • Thank you

  • If you're B12 deficient you may need loading injections to prevent nerve damage. These are intramuscular ie jabbed into your bum. Thereafter, sublingual tablets may suffice. GPs tend to underestimate the frequency B12 injections are required and underprescribe so your needle phobia needn't necessarily be tested overmuch.

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